Ironman Inversion Table - Back Pain Relief through Inversion Therapy

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    Mar 11, 2014
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Ironman Inversion Table - Back Pain Relief through Inversion Therapy Photo by Isaac Leedom

Back pain has become a concern to medicinal practitioners worldwide. A lot of effort has gone into studying this problem to come up with solutions using therapy, treatment and prevention. Much of this condition can be caused by stress in the muscles. Inversion therapy is one of the methods being used to treat this condition. It involves using a special table to invert the body from the upright position to many different angles that decompress the spine, stretch the muscles and relax the body. The Ironman inversion table is one of the special kinds of equipment developed to achieve this.

Inversion Table Benefits:

While it should be noted that the inversion table benefits are many, the more notable benefits involve the reduction of stress and the reduction of back pain, neck pain, joint pain, leg pain and muscle pain. Stress normally occurs in the muscles, spine and nerves. The use of the Ironman inversion equipment promotes the stretching of the muscles and decompression of the spine, which in turn reduces the stress and pain. Additionally, it has been discovered to enhance the circulation of blood in the muscles and body.

How to Use:

Learning to use this equipment is essential to determining how quickly and effectively a person is going to recuperate from their health condition. The adoption of inversion therapy into a routine should be done gradually, progressing from one level to another, but apart from that it can be conducted on a daily basis.

First of all, it is important to focus on where to place the inversion equipment in the home before assembly and use, as it should be located in an open and free space. Secondly, the equipment is adjustable and should be adjusted to fit the specific height of each user. Third, since inversion therapy is a gradual process, each user should start by choosing a small inversion angle initially and then progress from there. Fourth, the user should step onto the table in the upright position with their back against the back rest and their ankles well fitted in the ankle locking system. Finally, with arms over head, the user will move to the inversion angle chosen and stay in that position for a few minutes.

New Advancements:

Each Ironman product has undergone different developments and advancements over the years. As technology advances, the features of each table have also advanced. One of the latest advancements with the Ironman product line utilizes infrared therapy. This advancement provides a remote control device that is used to adjust the intensity of infrared heat that is applied to the back. The infrared heat technology increases blood circulation and provides a deeper penetration of heat to the back to sooth muscles and relieve pain during the inversion process.


More and more people are finding some specific health benefit to using the Ironman inversion table. No matter the condition that a person finds with stress, back pain or with pain in their neck, joints, legs and muscles, Ironman has many different models to choose from with one that will fit just about any particular budget. For someone who is interested in using inversion therapy, the Ironman inversion table is definitely a piece of equipment that should be considered to bring relief to their current health condition.

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