The Simple, but Important Everyday Tips in Caring for your Dog

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    Apr 21, 2013
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family pictures 061
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People love their pets especially since the dog is man's best friend.  In a relatively short  time we can actually become so attached to our dogs that they can feel like a member of our household, and so they feel right at home as a result of it. Sometimes we may even find ourselves treating our dogs better than we do ourselves, and even feeding our dogs better than we do ourselves.

So how important our dogs are to us is a direct result of the love we have for them. We need to protect our dogs, and to give them good, and proper care as well. But do we really do everything possible to care for our dogs?

Here are a few tips that may help you to take good, and proper care of your dog. First, let your veterinarian review with you any concerns there about your dog such as injections, or medications that may be needed.

Your dog's diet should consist of eating hard dog food two or three times daily.  Dogs should not have any people's food especially chocolate as your dog's heart will beat too fast from a type of caffeine found in the chocolate, and can kill your dog, and the same can happen from grapes as well.

It's important that your dog be potty trained, or be ready for him / her to go all over your house. Teaching your dog to go potty requires a little determination, so when your dog does do his business properly reward him for it.

Your dog also needs the attention, and exercise everyday, and so walking your dog daily to give him the needed exercise is good no matter what the weather forecast may be.

If there is a concern that your dog starts to become aggressive such as biting you than you should take your dog to the vet.

Regardless if your dog has a lot of fur, or not you should brush your dog regularly everyday. Also perhaps the most important tip may be to always be sure your dog has plenty of drinking water.

Now for protection of your dog if lost a microchip may be a good idea. A microchip goes under your dog's skin along with important information such as your name, address, phone number, and other necessary information.

Custom dog tags are also a special, and personal way to give your dog that extra little protection in a message as well as that sentimental message. With no limit in what you can do, or say to customize, and design your own special dog tag. Adding colors, and that special little message can really show the strong love you have for your dog.

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