How Effective is the Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table for Relieving Back Pain?

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    Mar 11, 2014
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How Effective is the Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table for Relieving Back Pain? Photo by Isaac Leedom

Back pain can be quite uncomfortable and over a period of time it can cause the body to feel fatigued and overwhelmed. If you are looking for relief from back pain and are thinking about purchasing an inversion table, the Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table may be the ideal product to consider as this exercise equipment has been specifically designed to provide relief from discomfort associated with back pain and muscle pain. This product works to reduce pressure on vertebrae discs and ligaments by providing the necessary stretching of the spine through the natural effects of inversion therapy.


•   A durable heavy-duty steel frame feature characterizes its design and provides stability during the inversion process.
•   The back rest is covered with ¾ inch soft foam vinyl for comfort while in the inverted position or while resting.
•   High quality and long padded safety handles make it easy to return to the upright position after completing the inversion routine.
•   Easy pull-pin ankle release system makes it simple to get on and off the inversion table.
•   Large contoured padded roller supports for the ankles make it possible for users to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed during the exercise.
•   Secure foot rest platform contributes to high safety levels and, therefore, users can always be guaranteed they are safe when starting and stopping their inversion therapy program.
•   Adjusts to fit heights between 4 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 6 inches tall.
•   Safely holds a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds.
•   Folds for storage or just to save space in the room.
•   Adjustable tether strap enhances the use of this equipment and provides comfort and safety for users to find their desired inversion angle position.
•   It is easy on the budget and because it is so affordable, the opportunity to have access to the benefits of inversion therapy is available to people who are not able to purchase some of the other inversion tables in the upper price ranges.


•   The only notable concern with the Ironman Essex 990 is that some taller users have complained that the back rest of the equipment is too short and caused the back of their head to hang over the upper end of the table making it quite uncomfortable. They did note that they could adjust the table to get their head positioned on the back rest but then they were not able to move to the inverted position and hold it there. As a result, they were not able to fully relax.


The Ironman Essex 990 Inversion Table has become recognized for its strength and durability, having been manufactured with a rugged steel frame that gives this product an edge when it comes to safety and stability in this particular price range. While this table has not gained the popularity of other inversion tables on the market today, it is very effective and if you are looking for something that is easy on the pocketbook, this is certainly one that you want to consider to provide relief from back pain and muscle pain and relax the body.

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