Non Surgical Treatment for Back Pain and Neck Pain

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    Nov 18, 2013
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Non Surgical Treatment for Back Pain and Neck Pain Photo by Osteopath Brighton

You are in agony. Your GP thinks you might need surgery. You are dreading it… but there might not be any need to go under the knife. A good osteopath, someone who knows about the revolutionary new treatment called IDD therapy, might be able to change your life for the better, forever, without drugs, operations or long recovery times. So what’s the story?

IDD Therapy, also called non-surgical spinal decompression, works through a technique called Intervertebral Differential Dynamics. It is proven to work for chronic back pain, neck pain and various other disc-related conditions including sciatica and trapped nerves.

What does IDD therapy do?

IDD treats agonising conditions like slipped discs, also known as prolapsed discs, herniated discs or bulging discs. It has a remarkable success rate with conditions like sciatica and trapped nerves. It helps ease degenerative disc disease to an impressive extent. It’s useful for treating people with Facet Syndrome and is just as effective with chronic back pain and neck pain, whatever the cause.

How many people does IDD therapy help?

The therapy has an impressive success rate of 86%, which makes it a genuine alternative to frightening, painful or invasive treatments like epidural steroid injections and surgery.

Who invented IDD therapy?

IDD was first developed in the USA. It is both precise and safe, as well as wholly painless. It uses computer-controlled technology to gently draw apart and move spinal segments in the lower back or neck, places where discs commonly get worn and damaged.

What exactly does it do for back pain?

The therapy delivers long term spinal health by harnessing your body’s natural healing mechanisms so they can do their job properly. The treatment works in all sorts of ways. By stretching the soft tissues, rehydrating and improving the health of your spinal discs. By rehabilitating your muscles and ligaments.By getting your spinal structures into the right alignment, and by releasing painful pressure on trapped nerves.The result is no more muscle spasms, no more compressed nerves and no more bulging discs. Best of all, the effects can last a lifetime as long as you follow your osteopath’s instructions for taking care of your spine in future.

Do I qualify for IDD therapy?

If you have been suffering from back or neck pain for three months or more, you may be the ideal candidate. You might have already tried other treatments, but you’re still in pain. You could be taking drugs to help with the pain, thinking about steroid injections or even considering invasive back surgery. In short, if you’re feeling as though you’ve been left in no-man’s land and don’t know where to turn next, IDD therapy could change your life for the better, forever.

What actually happens?

Unlike surgery and injections, IDD is gentle and safe. You wear a special harness to protect you from pain, and the treatment takes place on a comfortable electronic bed. Infrared heat therapy, which feels great, is used to ‘warm up’ the spine’s muscles and ligaments. And at the end of each session, you’re treated to soothing cold therapy to get rid of any temporary soreness you might get from the muscles being used in new and unusual ways. It’s so painless some people even find it a pleasure… which has to be much better than surgery!

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