Teeter Inversion Table: The Answer to Your Back Pain

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    Mar 13, 2014
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Teeter Inversion Table: The Answer to Your Back Pain Photo by Isaac Leedom

Back pain is a common problem to people all over the world and there are a variety of reasons that contribute to this problem. Some of the more common reasons include the bad habits that people have developed, an injury suffered in an accident, a muscle strain caused by normal everyday work routines or tasks, and a sports related injury. There could be any number of other reasons but, whatever the reason, people certainly understand how easy it is to experience some level of back pain, especially when they don’t stretch enough or they don’t pay attention to the way they bend and move. When back problems surface, the symptoms of back pain will normally persist through chronic aching, numbness or stiffness along the spine, in the neck, in the hips or in the legs and feet. These symptoms normally originate in either the upper, middle or lower back region but most commonly in the lower back. Many times people just try to tolerate the pain, at least for awhile, and treat the pain with medication if it becomes too great. However, they should be looking to treat the real problem if they truly want to find back relief.

One very popular way that people are finding to treat back pain today is through inversion therapy that involves the use of a Teeter inversion table. Since people today lead very busy lives, there is a tendency to over-use the back which ultimately leads to the negative effects of back stress. Over time, the stress placed on the back can lead to back surgery. However, studies have shown that patients in a controlled group setting that routinely used a Teeter inversion table were 70% less likely to require back surgery than patients in the same group that did not. Additional studies have shown that almost 90% of patients that used the inversion table were able to return to work after just eight inversion treatments.

Over the years, the Teeter brand name has become known for quality. In other words, every piece of equipment that makes its’ way to the consumer must pass some very stringent testing and meet some very high standards before it gets to the marketplace. The Teeter products continue to be at the forefront of technology, with their newest product lines containing the latest upgrades that have been added to meet the growing needs of consumers. The more recent EP-Series is very popular and has become known for its’ exceptional performance. Each inversion table comes with the patented Flex Technology, which is a technology designed to allow each user to obtain the greatest results from inversion therapy through range of motion and stretching. Upgraded features include the EZ-reach ankle lock system, over-EZ padded handles, and EZ-angle tether strap, with each one of these features being designed specifically to provide safety, comfort and security that will allow each user to relax and receive the optimum benefit from the inversion therapy. Product reviews for the each of the Teeter models continue to receive high ratings overall, with many users commenting about how effective this product has been in treating their back pain.

As always, when beginning any new fitness program, it is a good idea to consult your physician before using an inversion table or beginning inversion therapy, especially if you are currently experiencing severe back pain.

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