The World's Top 10 Backward Laws

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    Nov 14, 2013
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(Very) Strange Laws.
(Very) Strange Laws.
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10  For the Prevention of Aids Sex Not Allowed For 5 Years 

In the prevention of AIDS teenage girls in Swaziland were not allowed to have sex for a full 5 years!
By attempting to protect the people from AIDS in Swaziland King Mswati lll passed several edicts. While displaying their status sexually young women wore chastity tassels, and had to put off having any sex for a whole 5 years.

To discourage sex for girls under 18 years of age they also wore tassels which were blue and yellow, but women that were older, and were still virgins wore tassels that were red and black.

Women be careful! If you are caught wearing pants after receiving a warning not to do so you could face a punishment of soldiers publicly taring them off, and completely ripping them to shreds.


9  Fined Half of Your Income for a Single Traffic Ticket

Traffic fines in Finland are charged on the basis of what the offender's income is, and then a percentage of that income.

As the saying goes "time is money". But for drivers speeding on the streets of Finland it may just cost them a staggering amount of that money.

Fines have been based on an annual gross salary amount up until only recently. In 1999 Finland changed the law, and it is now based on your net income. There are many variables however for example the number of dependents you may have is one.

A "dayfine" is when a police officer arrives at a particular number of about half of the daily disposable income of the offender. Then using a number between 1 and 20 which reflects the severity of the actually offense. That number then is multiplied by the officer using one of the numbers between 1 and 20 to arrive at the final amount.

An example of what a typical drunk driver may be fined if the earnings of the offender were about $2,000.00 in a month the charge would then be about $1,050.00. It's got to be hard on the pocketbook!
The only way to possibly explain the justification of these fines would be the fact that they help to fund free education, and health care for all.


8 A Dead Whale's Head Automatically Becomes the Property of the King

A dead whale's head found on Britain's Coast automatically becomes the property of the King, and then what does the Queen get? Well the tail belongs to  the Queen

It doesn't matter whether or not a whale, dolphin, or even a porpoise is found to be dead or alive, but if it is found three miles within the coastal area of it can be captured, and claimed for by the Queen.

Its true the dead whale's head automatically does become the property of the King, and for the Queen she gets the tail.

This law began with a statute from 1324 during the reign of King Edward by ensuring that the Queen had plenty of bones for corsets.

So next time you find yourself on the British coast, and you amazingly find dead whale's head remember you must give it up to the King.


7  Strange Carpool Requirements for the Canadians

Traveling while carpooling in Canada is allowed, but only when traveling from home to work, and not to schools, daycare, or anywhere else without first following certain requirements.

One of the strange requirements are having to ride each day with the same driver, and on a weekly basis having to pay that driver for the carpooling, and then making sure you carry a calculator with you is an absolute necessity for you must actually be certain to calculate the amount you owe, and you must then pay them.

Shockingly you have broken the law if you allow your cousin Sam to be picked up, by your boyfriend at the airport.

If you are traveling with a friend, and you give him $5.00 for gas-you have broken the law.


6  Go Ahead and Smoke Cannabis, but Not a Tobacco Cigarette

When in Public it's alright to smoke cannabis in the Netherlands, but not tobacco cigarettes.

The strange policy of the Dutch allows people to smoke cannabis while in public, but they have zero tolerance for people that are smoking tobacco in public.

It all began back in 2008 when it all went up in smoke. Pot smokers that mix tobacco, and cannabis together can no longer enjoy a smoke with both of them in one single joint due to the ban on tobacco.

People in the Netherlands will now have to learn how to smoke pure marijuana without the tobacco included. People in the United States that smoke marijuana would likely be happy to have those conditions to smoke a joint without the hassle.

To light up a joint is fine, but to light up a tobacco cigarette is not.


5  Sex Toys Not Allowed in the State of Alabama

In the State of Alabama you are not allowed to sell sex toys. In 1998 Alabama enacted a law that bans distributing any device for the stimulation of human genital organs. But since there is no ban on the possession of a sex toy you can purchase them in a neighboring state, and then take them back with you to Alabama.

By allowing yourself a few minutes of pleasure can cause you more than a few minutes behind bars. In fact you can get as much as a year behind bars, and fined a whopping $10,000.00 for the first offense. In addition to one to ten years for the second offense.


4  Non-Virgin Brides Can be Returned

In Brazil Brazilian men are allowed to return there Non-Virgin brides. Sounds as if your returning an item to your local store.

In a Muslim country perhaps we would expect this, but not in Brazil. This is the country known for it's hot carnivals.

But between 1916 and 2002 if men discovered their new wife was not a virgin before the marriage they could seek an annulment no later than 10 days after the wedding day.

In a slight twist however a man reacting to this law getting married announced at the end of his marriage ceremony to everyone that his bride was not a virgin. Due to his outburst its understandable why the wedding party was cancelled immediately following the wedding. It's probably fair to say that it was not the happiest day of their lives.

Just recently a law in Brazil forbids women to be on postcards in bikini's.


3  It's Illegal to Die While in the Houses of Parliament in England

If you are in the Houses of Parliament in England be sure not to die...its Illegal. The parliament is a Royal Palace, and so people are banned from dying there. So be sure to leave quickly if you become ill, or for the fear you may die while in the Royal Palace.

Anyone is entitled to a state funeral if they should die while in the Palace.

So if anytime you decide to visit the Houses of Parliament in England for a tour be sure you are in excellent health. For if you are not in good health you may just have to leave, and postpone the unthinkable from happening at least long enough to get out of the Houses of Parliament.


2  Yellow Margarine is Illegal in the State of Missouri

Can you believe it's butter? You may believe it's butter, but did you know your committing a crime if you buy that butter.

A Missouri State law actually banned yellow butter from being sold back in the 19th century. The imitation butter restrictions dated back to 1895, and was amended later in 1939. The state no longer enforces the law, but if we should hear any dealers say "I can't believe it's butter" while being escorted by the authorities, we'll know why.

For this crime first offenders could get a month in jail including a $100.00 fine, and for repeat offenders six months behind bars, and a stiff fine of $500.00 is the reward for them.

It is said that the old, and outdated law to restrict buying the butter was designed to originally protect the dairy industry in the state of Missouri.


1  Monks in Tibet Need Permission to Reincarnate

Without the permission of China's Government reincarnation is banned for the Buddhist Monks in Tibet.

The law of 2007 states the exact procedures that are allowed to reincarnate. This law may be crazy to the Western World in fact it may even be crazy to the entire World, but to those Buddhists living in Tibet it's a very serious issue to them.

The 72 year old Dalai Lama exiled leader of the Buddhists says he will not reincarnate at least not in Tibet anyways, and not if under the control of the Chinese Government. So just where will the location of the Dalai Lamas re-born be? Perhaps you may still be alive to find that out, or perhaps in reincarnation you may find that out.


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