Why Should You Look at an Electric Combi Boiler for Your Home?

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    Jul 21, 2014
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Why Should You Look at an Electric Combi Boiler for Your Home? Photo by Colin Armstrong

An electric combination boiler is the primary boiler of choice in countries like the UK. It focuses on helping homeowners maximise efficiency by disposing of traditional hot and cold water tanks. It brings together the domestic water heater and central heating water exchanger.

If that didn't make much sense to you, it means you can heat water at will without worrying about how much hot water you have left. An electric heating boiler is the most convenient option on the market right now.

You can also find combi boilers that use oil or gas, but these are far less common these days.

Get the Facts Straight : Before we discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of these boilers, let's take a closer look at the average electric combi boiler. These boilers take water from the main supply running through your home. Immediately, you can discard separate hot and cold water tanks. It means much of the pipe work you had to have before is no longer necessary.

As well as heating water, combi boilers directly feed into the central heating system. Your vertical radiators are allowed to work because of your combi boiler. Traditional boiler systems also do this, but combi boilers are cheaper, which essentially makes old-fashioned boilers obsolete.

Saving Space Inside and Outside : The main reason people decide to look at combination boilers is the space savings. Previously, you had to have a boiler cupboard to fit the various tanks and cylinders. Now, many people can have a boiler in their bathroom without the need for a separate cupboard.

Combination boilers do not have any tanks or cylinders. They also do not have the same amount of pipe work. This affects the installation. Installers can put them in much faster than they could before. An experienced tradesman can fit a combi boiler in a matter of a few hours. Naturally, this is going to impact on cost, which we will discuss later.

People who live in flats are no longer at a disadvantage. Flat owners often lost so much space without combi boilers. Now this is no longer the case. The demand for something smaller for flat owners is part of the reason the popularity of these boilers has gone up.

What about Cost? : The cost is much lower than a traditional boiler system for a number of reasons. In terms of installation, there are fewer materials involved and fewer man-hours. Installers haven't simply inflated their prices to accommodate this; they've passed the savings onto customers. There's an incentive for this. Combi boilers are easier to fix and more reliable, so having customers switch boiler systems is beneficial for them in the long-term.

Capabilities : Combi boilers are hardwired to deal with unexpected events. They can contend with wild fluctuations in water temperature. They can also heat the water quickly. It only takes them about forty seconds to heat ice cold water to an acceptably hot temperature.

If you purchase a storage combi, you can also store hot water on a permanent basis, but you do not have to install the huge hot water tanks you find with traditional boiler systems.

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