Panel Heaters - Heat Wherever You Need It

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    Jul 07, 2014
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Panel Heaters - Heat Wherever You Need It Photo by Colin Armstrong

If you are looking for a complete heating solution – one that provides you with fully controllable heat, whenever and wherever you need it – panel heaters are a must-have addition to your property.

What are Panel Heaters? : Not to be confused with bulky, inefficient storage heaters, panel heaters are slim line, radiator-like electric heating solutions that are designed to provide rapid heat whenever the user desires.

Panel heaters are direct acting appliances (as opposed to storage/off peak products) that provide almost instant heat, warming up and cooling down within minutes.

The Benefits of Panel Heaters : Panel heaters such as the Visage and Elegance from offer numerous benefits to the user, the most obvious of which is flexibility.

Unlike standard 'wet' system radiators, panel heaters do not require pipe work for installation and, unlike storage heaters, are not unwieldy. This makes them incredibly versatile and unrestricted in terms of where they can be installed.

Panel heaters can be plugged into any three-pin UK wall socket and come with the option of being wall mounted, free-standing, or fitted with castors, allowing homeowners to address their heating needs around existing furniture and décor rather than having design a room around the position of the radiator. In rooms with limited space, or extensions without connection to the main central heating system, this level of flexibility and versatility is essential.

This solution is also hugely beneficial to property developers and landlords looking to provide a reliable source of heating. With a lack of pipework eliminating any lengthy installation work and no gas boiler presenting health and safety issues, heaters can be up and running in minutes without any fuss.  

Despite being electric, both Visage and Elegance heaters can also be easily installed in wet areas thanks to an IP 24 splash-proof design.

Another great benefit of panel heaters is their ability to let users fully control temperature settings. All Electric Heating Company panel heaters are fitted with advanced thermostatic controls and settings for comfort, economy and frost protection. Not only does this allow for a comfortable room temperature, it gives homeowners the chance to better manage their heating, reducing wasted energy and keeping bills low.

Featuring a patented heat retention tablet that is designed to provide greater efficiency that a traditional conventional heater, the large surface area of panel heaters is able to distribute heat quickly and effectively, delivering 100% efficiency.

The final benefit of panel heater is their aesthetic qualities. Slim line models are just 68 mm deep and a clean design ensures they complement any contemporary home – something that cannot be said for storage heaters and cumbersome conventional radiators.

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