Electric Boilers - The Complete Heating Solution

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    Jul 09, 2014
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Electric Boilers - The Complete Heating Solution Photo by Colin Armstrong

Central heating is installed in more than 93% of homes in the UK and, in the vast majority of cases, the boiler powering systems is a gas one. For years, gas has been the energy source of choice, largely due to it being cheaper than the alternatives, oil and electric. However, in recent years the once all-conquering gas has come under increasing pressure, with its place as the leader in home heating threatened. A combination of rising prices and diminishing reserves, along with a desire to cut global carbon emissions has seen more and more people turn their back on gas in favour of modern electric boilers and these people are reaping the benefits as a result.

Effective, Efficient Home Heating : Electric boilers are the most efficient home heating solution on the market at the moment, turning every kWh of electricity into a unit of heat. By comparison, the best gas boilers can only achieve 90% efficiency and, due to the nature of their system, will be unable to ever reach the same the same standards.

An electric heating boiler presents excellent benefits in installation and maintenance, this is largely due to the lack of flue, which makes fitting less time consuming and eliminates potential health and safety issues caused by the release of harmful fumes and gases. With no flue and lack of moving parts, electric boilers offer a much greater service life than their gas counterparts, requiring virtually no maintenance over an average 15-year lifespan. Gas boilers tend to last 10 years and must undergo mandatory servicing every year to ensure safe performance.

A less obvious benefit of electric boilers, but one that will certainly be attractive to long-term owners of gas systems, is the virtually silent operation – effectively warming properties without any annoying chugging and rattling noises.

Hot Water Supply : An electric heating boiler from Electric-HeatingCompany.co.uk is able to work in exactly the same way as a gas boiler. Where radiators, valves, and pipework are in place, a boiler can be installed to take over the powering of a heating system within minutes.

Obviously, in a complete central heating system providing warmth is only one half of the process, boilers must also cater to hot water needs. While electric boilers are designed to power radiators only, they can also be paired with stainless steel water cylinders of up to 300 litres as part of a package, ensuring plenty of water for bathing.

Where a property does not have a bath –an increasingly common occurrence in modern, smaller dwellings – hot water can be provided by an instantaneous water heater, meeting requirements for showering and domestic tasks.

As the UK moves towards a future of low carbon energy, electric heating will increasingly become the standard heating solution in homes nationwide. Visit Electric-HeatingCompany.co.uk and join get on board with the electric revolution today.

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