Why Electric Heating is the Perfect Replacement for Gas

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    Jul 07, 2014
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Why Electric Heating is the Perfect Replacement for Gas Photo by Colin Armstrong

If you are replacing your existing gas boiler, the natural thing to do is to purchase a newer version of the same model. Doing this, however, might not be the most beneficial move in the long run. The best solution could, infact, be ditching gas altogether and going electric.

Going Electric : The future of home heating is electric. The Department of Energy & Climate Change said it in its ‘Future of Heating’ report and the combination of diminishing natural gas reserves and rising gas prices are proving it.

With the UK fully committed to tackling the problem of greenhouse gas emissions, energy generation is slowly shifting towards low carbon sources such as solar, hydro, wind, and wave technologies. In order to ensure a safe and healthy planet for future generations, homeowners are being urged to reduce reliance of fossil fuels. As a result, electric heating solutions are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Electric Boilers : When it comes to replacing gas, electric is not often thought of as viable option – simply because it is a different type of energy. However, electric boilers offer all of the same benefits of gas boilers and more.

If you already have a central heating system in place an electric heating boiler can be installed to power your radiators in the same way, only much more efficiently. Where the best gas boilers on the market can only achieve 90% efficiency, electric boilers offer 100% efficiency every time – this is due to the fact that heat is generated internally and no waste product is released.

Installation and on-going maintenance of these systems is also much more beneficial to the homeowner. Not only do electric boilers come without a flue or tank (making installation easier and eliminating the need for annual gas safety inspections), they are built with very few moving parts, ruling out the need for any maintenance. Together, these benefits help an electric heating boiler last, on average, 50% longer than the leading gas alternative.

Solving the Hot Water Problem : Okay, so electric boilers do a great job of heating homes, but how is a system without a tank supposed to meet hot water needs? Well, it will do this in one of two ways.

If you have a bath in your home, an electric heating boiler can be supplied as a package featuring a direct or indirect stainless steel cylinder of up to 300 litres. If your home does not have a bath, hot water needs can be met with an instantaneous water heater, with over and under sink options to suit all domestic and small commercial properties (visit our website to see the browse the available options).

Electric heating can do everything gas does better than gas can do it. When it comes to performance, reliability, and efficiency, electric boilers have no peers.

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