Preparing for Installation Day at Home - Heaters Boilers and Everything Else

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    Aug 04, 2014
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Preparing for Installation Day at Home - Heaters Boilers and Everything Else Photo by Colin Armstrong

The day is almost here. You are about to have new electric radiators installed, along with a new boiler. It is a big day and it is going to mean a significant amount of disruption in your home, with engineers taking up most of the space. This is where preparation comes in handy. If you are going to have installers in your home all day, you need to go about matters in the right way to avoid any problems.

So what do you need to prepare for before the engineers come through the door?

Access Points : You will already have had a consultation with an engineer. That means you will know where the various parts of your new heating system will be. Make the lives of the engineers easier by making sure they have easy access to these points.

Okay, you will not know if they will need to move furniture out of the way to install pipes, but you can clear the primary access points.

Please remember that the engineers are there to put your heaters in. They are not there to offer a clearing service. You will make life far easier if you have already done this part of the job for them.

Booking a Day off Work ; Most people will have someone in the house with the engineers whilst they work. It gives them peace of mind. It is unnerving to have complete strangers in the house, no matter which reputable company they happen to come from.

Furthermore, it is easier for the engineers. If they have a question about your house, they can ask you. They do not have to stop work to try to get in touch with you elsewhere. The project will go much faster if you are available to help them at the scene.

Space Outside : Installing panel heaters and other heating implements is rarely a case of taking the parts out of a box and bolting them together. Engineers will have to cut wood, metal, and other materials to create the tailor-made heating system you are looking for.

One way to prepare for their arrival is to give them a space where they can work. It does not have to be anything fancy. Go outside and create a space for them on the garden path. They only need a limited amount of space to work.

It’s always better to make an outdoor space available. This will reduce the amount of cleaning inside your home come the end of the job.

Contingency Plan : There are always little problems hiding away when installing any electric combi boiler and heater. You never know when you might have to negotiate a tricky part of the house, or something goes wrong and an engineer cannot make it that day. Prepare for the worst by taking an extra day off work and having free days after the original project end time.

By doing this, you will not have to readjust your schedule suddenly if something unexpected does arise.

Overall, preparation does not have to be difficult. It just involves being mindful of what heating engineers require to work efficiently.

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