The Advantages of the SlimJim Electric Boiler

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    Jun 30, 2014
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The Advantages of the SlimJim Electric Boiler Photo by Colin Armstrong

In homes with no access to mains gas, electric boilers give a chance for homeowners to enjoy the comforts of central heating system. The SlimJim boiler from Electric Heating Company is a boiler designed to afford dwellings of all kinds the opportunity for efficient home heating and brings numerous benefits to users.

Easy Installation : Straightforward installation is not something commonly associated with boilers as pipework, flues and tanks tend to make the process difficult and time consuming. The SlimJim, however, is not your typical boiler. Because of its slim profile and electric operation, installing this boiler can be done quickly and easily.

The SlimJim measures in at just 912mm x 203mm x 172mm and does not come with a flue or tank, meaning it can be located almost anywhere. This is particularly beneficial if there is a lack of space in the home, or you wish to relocate your boiler in a more suitable place.

Safe Operation : The SlimJim, likeall other products from Electric Heating Company, is completely safe to use and free and the dangers associated with gas boilers. Heat in electric boilers is generated internally, which eliminates the need for a flue as no harmful fumes or gases are emitted. No fumes, of course, mean no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or potential explosions and no requirement for annual gas safety inspections.

Maintenance Free : For such an advanced system, the SlimJim is incredibly simple in its design and features very few moving parts. Like other EHC products such as vertical radiators, this virtually rules out any need for maintenance as the boiler performs like any other electric appliance. If issues do arise in performance, the system is fitted with in-built fault-finding diagnostics that engineers can access to quickly determine and repair any problems.

100% Efficiency : The SlimJim is the most efficient boiler on the market and turns every kWh of electricity into a unit of heat. With this boiler, every penny you spend on heat actually goes on warming your rooms – something gas boilers simply cannot do.

Works with Standard Radiators : If you want to run your home heating like a traditional central heating system, the SlimJim can cater to your needs and is fully compatible with all standard radiators. Special boiler packages from Electric Heating Company also allow you to add hot water heating to the electric system.

Works with Underfloor Heating : If conventional radiators are not really your thing, the SlimJim can power underfloor heating systems to allow for effective warmth.

Controllability : The SlimJim comes in a range of power outputs – 4kW-14.4kW and is fitted with controls for adjusting boiler temperature and tailoring heating needs according to your preferences.

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