Can You Travel To Australia Without A Look At Sydney?

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    Jul 04, 2014
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Can You Travel To Australia Without A Look At Sydney? Photo by Ninad Chaudhari

For most Australia travellers, Sydney is more than this largest oldest cosmopolitan city. It is not the harbor city. It is the multi-cultural and multi-experiential melting pot brimming with fashion, cuisine, art, history, beaches and fun. So, it seems like it is impossible to travel to Australia and enjoy the holiday without a visit to the most glamorous and iconic city. But; if you truly consider this vast country well; you will say, “Hell, yah!” as Australia tour packages has got much more. Yes, you will miss out on the Opera house. But, you will emerge as this world traveller; unbound by traditional ropes.  

 Traditionally, your Australian travel can venture you into its wild side with Kangaroos in national parks, Great Barrier Reef into the ocean and Koala bears in wildlife sanctuaries and scuba diving on the beaches. But, there is so much more. Agreeably, this is the best side of Australia, and it is indeed fun. But, in this vast wilderness, there are nuances of new and different experiences; waiting for the nomadic dreamer on the Australia tour package.

Platypus reserves in New South Wales, Emu creek and Skipton, and major national parks for Echidnas, wallabies and of course Kangaroos. In fact, on the outskirts of the several major cities, you will find these national animals hopping up and about too. Sports lovers will just make enough time to catch any one of the popular games as the Aussies love their sports and make no doubt; a visit to live game on Aussie stadium can be life changing. So, take your pick; Football, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Soccer, Formula One   & more.

Adventure sports in Australia are like this vast and almost endless range of activities. Top of the mind; snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef, Hot air balloon ride over Melbourne at sunrise, visit to Philip Island for penguins and Koala bears, Gordon river cruise, horse riding and mountain biking. But, make no mistake, there is so much more. Sky diving, rock climbing, trekking, scuba diving, skiing and snowboarding scene in Australia is really cool. Sure, you will prefer Queenstown in New Zealand, but Australian adventures are a true delight in their own.

You can explore Melbourne skyline; if it is the city life you miss. So, here you go. It is the Australia tour package without Sydney. Yet, there is no city like it; not in Australia and not in the rest of the world. The beauty, art and glamour fuse in this hot and happening balloon ride of life.

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