Luxury Trains India Enjoy The Luxury of Privacy

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    Jul 08, 2014
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Luxury Trains India Enjoy The Luxury of Privacy Photo by Swamy Nayar

Have you ever envisioned yourself enjoying the luxury of space on board the train? Where you are not limited to just occupy the seats, but have a whole private suite to yourself. Isn’t it amazing? Yes it is. And such an opulent way of travelling is possible on a luxury train. Suited for the visitors who consider privacy as the symbol of innate indulgence, the special accommodations are one of the best-kept experiences of a fabulous journey in India.

The exclusive spaces are designed as per the fabled lifestyle of the royal times where (combine the sentence) rulers’ command was the crux of the lavish lifestyle. Whatever they said defined the indulgent side of life. They were extremely luxurious, in spirit and sense. Compromise was never there in their dictionary. And they could never hear any denial for anything. For they always believed that everything is possible and available for them.

Such an uncompromising way of life is a reality on these special suites. Passengers nowadays can enjoy the privacy during the journey. They have a complete room to themselves based on the palatial ambiance. And they can call this space their own throughout the journey. After excursions, they can find relief from exhaustion within the four walls of the suite. Or if they wish, they can have their meals inside the rooms, either than going to the equally opulent restaurants. Nobody can disturb them while they are resting within their private spaces. Such is the exclusive luxury of the well furnished saloons.

These suites are the permanent feature of any luxury train in the country. The private spaces are the miniature specimens of the palaces. The rooms on board define the pleasure of staying. They exude the old-world charm, yet are modern in different ways. The inspiring interiors resonate with royal inclinations. Not just they are named on the kingdoms of the royal era, but they equally justify their rightful association with them. The carved wood furniture, silken furnishings, curtains around the windows, ethnic paintings, etc recreate the royal setting.

While recreating the fabled royal ambiance, efforts to modernize the suites and make them highly functional is also a part of the agenda. Every room therefore, has a separate bathing area which is equipped with shower cubicle, western water closet, basin, bathrobe, hairdryer and range of toiletries. In their leisure hours, passengers can have a bath and refresh themselves anytime within the confines of their rooms only.
The touch of modernity is also present in the form of technology. The spaces are spruced up with a wardrobe and a personal safe to lock and keep the precious belongings safe. Also, every room on board has live television, WI-FI Internet, LCD screens and DVD players to give passengers the privilege of enjoying modern necessities on the move.

The suites of the luxury trains in India simply bring out the best of both the worlds. They give passengers the privilege of staying in imperial suites and also assure them of privacy throughout the journey.

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