How Do I Apply For The Italian Visa From Dubai?

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    Jun 07, 2014
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How Do I Apply For The Italian Visa From Dubai? Photo by Nayan  Joshi

If you have asked yourself the question, ‘How do I apply for a Italian Visa from Dubai?’, you will find the answer here. The procedures to apply for Italy visa online will seem simple and easy. Earlier, the process used to be much more stringent. However, after moving to the online portal, it has provided a fast an easy procedure and improved the process speed.  The Online Italy Visa form application can be submitted at the visa application centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It will be assessed by the Embassy of Italy in Abu Dhabi. Only residents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi can apply for a visa at the visa application centre in Abu Dhabi.

Step 1: Decide the type of visa and collect the documents it requires respectively

Each type of visa requires a different set of documents. The Online Italy Visa form requirements will enlighten you on the documents you will need for the type of visa you will be applying for. The standard documents include adequately filled online Italy Visa form, passport photographs, bank statement, travel plan itinerary, confirmed hotel booking or letter of invitation, medical insurance. Ensure that you are clear on your ‘purpose of visiting Italy, so that there are no complications when you apply for Italy visa.

Step 2:  Apply for the visa to Italy

When you apply for the Italy visa, you will need to submit them physically in hand to the officials of the agency. This is the segment of visa application that remains offline dominantly because; the document requirements are very complex and vary with each case. While online mediums works at an advantage to accelerate the procedures that are more standardized, documentation is a crucial procedure that requires uttermost care at each step.  When you consider applying for the Italy visa, you need to pay be vigilant and complete this procedure. If this step is not completed satisfactorily, you can expect the delays in submission and approval process, which in turn will be quiet a hassle. Pay the necessary fees where required. The fees are based on your age, type of visa, and duration of stay. Ensure there are no hidden charges that can burden your expenditure.

Step 3: track your Visa application online

You need to keep an eye out for your visa is very easy with the internet. You can track your online Italy visa form application progress with the details available on the website. Just enter your reference number or bar code number or call the call centre to know the status of your application. Once you have made the payment, the procedure is complete for applicant. You can collect your passport once you have got the green seal of approval.

You now have the answers to the question of How do I apply for a Italian Visa from Dubai pay due attention to these procedures as it helps you get the visa. However, it is not a guaranteed process and it depends upon Embassy officials and their decisions which could be changed at any point of time.

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