How To Choose The Web Hosting Service In India

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    Aug 13, 2014
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How To Choose The Web Hosting Service In India Photo by Reagan Fernandes

Considering the selection of the right web hosting service in India can be overwhelming. With the extensive amount of information available online, securing the suitable web hosting in India can be tedious task.  Whether you are a big honcho in business, a small business owner or an entrepreneur with big idea, you must consider few details before selecting the web hosting in India randomly. Here are some of the crucial questions you need to answer along the way to land the right web hosting services provider.  Whether you are looking for the web hosting provider in Mumbai or anywhere else in the world, the questions will remain the same. 

What are my web hosting needs?

You need to know your online business needs well enough to select the web hosting service that will fully support your website.  So, what are the most common ones you need to consider from the start?

• Type of online business
• Amount of traffic
• Software or application support

Which type of web hosting service is suitable for me?

There are several kinds of web hosting services available in India. You will need to select the right web hosting service based on your business requirements. Here are the options available:

• Shared web hosting
• Dedicated server hosting
• VPS server hosting
• Cloud hosting

There is a free web hosting in India, any business won’t opt for it as it has significant downtime, sub-domain hosting, undependable performance and zero customer support. For starters, shared web hosting server in Mumbai can be a good idea. However, if your online business includes online transactions, you will probably need a secure dedicated server.

What are the features of this web hosting services?

So, whichever type of web hosting service you want, you will need to look for web hosting service providers in India that offer the quality of web hosting you seek. The quality of this service will depend upon the specifications. 

• Downtime:  This is one of the primary criteria. Any website hosting package that helps you keep your website accessible is suitable one. The best websites have 100% uptime SLA. While it is okay to consider 99.9% uptime, more than 2% of the downtime can be an expensive business decision for any online organization. So, choose the organization with the best uptime record.

• Disk space and bandwidth: Any online business will want as much as they can get in the minimal expenses. But, the right combination will help you select the right service provider.

• Pricing: You need to identify the pricing that assists you keep your business viable. Though, cost of web hosting services seem comparable, they are subjective. The true cost will depend upon the quality of the services offered.

• Operating system

• Customer service

Select web hosting services with the best uptime and the lowest pricing.  Then consider your traffic requirements for bandwidth and disk space and future plans for technical needs. This will allow you choose the right web hosting service.

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