Cloud Computing Services- Flexibility as a Service

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    Dec 01, 2012
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The latest bend in technology has paved a new path for IT, and India is all set to achieve great feats in cloud computing services. These services can be customized, provisioned and personalized through an on-demand utility. It is simply about offering IT-related resources such as storage, network, applications and system security. These services are based on a pay per usage. As a whole, cloud computing services, India provides a level of flexibility that no other kind of service is advanced enough to provide.

Cloud computing consists of hardware and software resources made available on the internet and managed by a third party. This service enables a user to access quality software applications and high-end network of computer servers. Many companies in India, whether large scale or small scale is going for this service because it facilitates a reduction in the infrastructure cost while increasing computing capabilities and data protection.


Cloud providers render their services through three fundamental models. They are:



It stands for Infrastructure as a Service; it is the most basic service model. It generally offers computers as physical or more often virtual machines and storage resources. In other words, it is renting you an IT infrastructure. Here, storage, computing and network systems are available to you so that you can install your own operating system and software applications. Further, you as a cloud user are yourself responsible for maintaining and patching your applications and operating system. You will be only billed for the amount of resources allocated and consumed. The basic model includes virtual machines such as storage, servers, load balancers, firewalls and networks.



Short for Platform as a Service, in this model, a cloud provider transacts computing platform such as operating system, programming language execution environment, web server and database. This is typically meant for application developers who develop software applications using cloud computing services platform without bearing the cost and complexity of buying and installing the underlying hardware and software layers. This model enables its users accessing his programming environment at an utmost ease, flexibility and dynamically with customizable screens and data capacity.

With PAAS, the underlying computer and storage resources adjust automatically to match the application demand so that the cloud user doesn’t have to do it manually. This model includes execution runtime, database, web server and development tools.



Abbreviated to Software as a service, here the cloud offers various software applications, which are installed in the cloud from where they can be accessed and used by users from anywhere if they are connected to the internet. This eliminates the requirement of owning and installing software on your own systems. Though the cloud user here does not manage the cloud infrastructure and platform on which the application is running.

Maintaining centralized software application becomes simple and effective, if we use cloud computing services. This model generally includes CRM, email, virtual desktop, communication, games, etc.


Cloud computing services India is a viable internet model that provides a cost-effective solution to meet increasing computing needs and energy consumption.

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