The Benefits Of Colocation Services For Your Web Business

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    Jul 15, 2014
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The Benefits Of Colocation Services For Your Web Business Photo by Reagan Fernandes

For most business owners in India, the first question is, “what is colocation?” It’s a new professional practice of accommodating all your servers and devices in one place.  These colocation services from Mumbai and Pune will offer their services for a monthly price.

The suitable colocation services for your business will mainly depend on your current business infrastructure. However, there are certain standard advantages that will add value to the business of all the typical customers like e-commerce companies, major enterprises, telecom companies, etc. This server colocation or colocation hosting is available on rental basis in most cases. So, your investment in the service remains low while you are in position to take full advantage of the data centre infrastructure. Here are the primary advantages of colocation hosting for the potential customers.

Better Security

The facilities that offer colocation hosting have high standards of physical security. The physical protection is much higher than the one accorded to the traditional server facilities. Here are some of the standard features:

• Lockable cabinets
• Environmental control
• Network connectivity
• Key guard entry
• 24X7 security personnel
• Real time surveillance cameras
• Fire protection
• Biometric and badge access

For the most of the companies, the colocation service has a higher level of security standards than their own organization. So, it surprises a lot of SMEs to discover that this level of security and protection is available for their servers and devices in such a relatively affordable cost. That’s why, for the ecommerce websites and IT companies, this level of efficient collation services in Mumbai and Pune are a great choice.

Higher Efficiency

When you shift to colocation services, you will discover certain advantages that weren’t previously available.

• Lesser dependence on external resources – With the internal team of engineers, you do not need the in-house personnel to quip, manage and protect the servers. It is all taken care of. You won’t need to avail the technical support from the concerned organizations either. With colocation hosting, the on-site engineers will take care of it too.  So, your performance will remain consistent and in-house staffing requirements will lower down.

•  Wherever you choose to house your services, you understand the need for handling electricity surges and connectivity issues. When you use colocation services, your electricity, connectivity and network problems are gone. Their on-site personnel and infrastructure is equipped to handle it all without any issues.

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