The Effect of Cloud Computing Providers in India

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    Nov 29, 2012
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‘Limit’, is a word that has no place in the dictionary of cloud computing. There are literally no boundaries when it comes to this type of computing. From the need of a server, to various cloud services, everything is provided to the ultimate level. You can access or manage your data from anywhere with any kind of device that can be connected to the internet; your bandwidth or disk space can be increased as and when required, and you have a movable server. Shortly, it facilitates users to scale up or down their IT needs.

And speaking of cloud computing providers in India, a turning point of events seems to be taking place. It has come as a relief especially for smaller enterprises that cannot afford the resources and manpower to maintain an in-house infrastructure. It acts like a pool of resources from where you can extract data and applications as per the requirement for your business. Everything that is needed to setup your own IT infrastructure, like a prominent server, applications and web tools comes in the form of a ‘cloud’, the answer to your every question. 

Basically, when you go for it, you are saved from investing in the following four areas:

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Storage
  4. Protection of data

Maintaining the above stuff is not child’s play. In traditional models, it requires a lot of resources and skilled manpower to facilitate the continuous running of the machine. Moreover, for protection and security you have to spend separately. Even after all this huge expenditure, it is still a vulnerable prospect.

Apart from SMEs and MSMEs, large-scale business houses in India have also started to divert towards cloud computing because of its ease of adaptation. They are starting to understand the importance of it and the immense benefit they can achieve by using it.

For many who are apprehensive about the future of cloud computing in India, following are the facts and figures showing the forecast of it in the present and upcoming years:

  1. The cloud computing market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 40% by 2014 from an estimated $66.7 million in 2009.
  2. Having a current market value of US $ 1 million, it is targeted to cross the mark of US $ 1 billion in ten years from now.
  3. With 1.4 million web developers, over 11000 system integrators and more than 1300 independent software vendors, India has the potential to be a world leader in cloud-related services.

The reason behind these projections is India’s current demography, which has been very dynamic lately. The amount of money spent towards IT industries in India is huge. Hundreds of users are getting attached to the system daily. Hence, the numbers of clients are increasing which in turn is increasing the proportion of demand too. All of this indicates one thing for sure that cloud computing providers in India are in an excellent condition and the point of saturation lies very far ahead.

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