Benefits of Website Monitoring Services for Mission Critical Sites

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    Jun 27, 2013
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Internet gurus and experts often stress highly on website monitoring and often say that it is quite essential for your business. It’s just to ensure that website is live and responding. Well, we would explore further on this topic in this article and discuss important aspects with regards to website monitoring. There could be any number of reasons for your webpage to crash or go down. For instance, there could be network issues with your website. Or it could be that something has happened to web services. Worth mentioning here is the fact that small changes made in the script can make your website go down.

It is now time to move towards the implementation part of monitoring plan. In this regard, it is essential and important that the website gets monitored from various locations. Obliviously, the testing will be done with respect to the different locations.  This plan can check various protocols like:-HTTP: Web Server, SSL: Secure Socket Layer, Web Page Content, DNS: Domain Name Server, POP3: Email Server, HTTP Password Protection, SMTP: Outgoing Email Server, Custom TCP Ports, FTP: File Transfer Protocol, Ping etc.

In addition to that, it is also worth discussing here different aspects which must be part of the website monitoring services. For instance, statistics regarding website visitors and agent tracking are few of the features or considerations which you should check for when deciding about getting your website monitored. Similarly, you will also want to end user monitoring as part of your services. Another task performed by providers of website monitoring services is that they check web servers after specific duration of time which varies from one service provider to another. You will be happy to know that site monitoring has become really advanced and advanced services can detect JavaScript based bugs. Similarly, advanced features of service provider also enable them to monitor web transaction.

Let’s see how uptime is calculated,

Uptime is a measure of how long a server has been up and running. This is usually listed as a percentage, like "99.9% uptime." Uptime is a great measure of how good a web hosting provider is at keeping their systems up and running. Uptime percentages are misleading. 99% uptime sounds great, but it could mean a 3 day outage every year. Here are some mathematical explanations of uptimes:

98% uptime = 28.8 minutes/day or 3.4 hours/week or 14.4 hours/month or 7.3 days/year

99% uptime = 14.4 minutes/day or 1.7 hours/week or 7.2 hours/month or 3.65 days/year

99.5% uptime = 7.2 minutes/day or 0.84 hours/week or 3.6 hours/month or 1.83 days/year

99.9% uptime = 1.44 minutes/day or 0.17 hours/week or 0.72 hours/month or 8.8 hours/year

Apart from that, another point which needs mentioning here that website monitoring is mainly of two types. Businesses could either go for Synthetic monitoring which is also known as active monitoring or they could choose real monitoring which is also referred to as passive monitoring. Nowadays, Email alerts, SMS alerts, Phone Call alerts on mobile or land line phone are also available.

In the light of the facts mentioned up till now, it could fairly be established that it is very important for businesses to monitor not only web transaction but complete business process. After discussing the advantages of having website monitoring, it is also important to discuss here that businesses should also do fair amount of comparison before selecting or choosing any service provider of site monitoring. It is important because not all service providers give you same feature. With regards to comparison and selecting the best service provider, it is worth mentioning here that reading reviews could prove beneficial for you.

Moreover, website monitoring does not only entail checking a website for potential security threats but it also means that you keep a close eye on the statistics of your website. To conclude, site monitoring is one of the best ways by which you can ensure continuous improvement and productivity.

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