3 Reasons To Select Dedicated Server Hosting Services

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    Jul 15, 2014
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3 Reasons To Select Dedicated Server Hosting Services Photo by Reagan Fernandes

In lay man terms, dedicated server hosting or dedicated hosting is a website hosting service without sharing your server or bandwidth with anyone else. You can control the server’s bandwidth and its usage as you see it fit. When you get a dedicated server in India, it is a combination of rented memory, disk space and bandwidth that is at your disposal to be used as you please.

100% control

With a dedicated server, you get 100% control over the bandwidth, memory and disc space. You can make whatever change you want to in the website, traffic, operating system, and security systems as you please. You are not sharing the server with any other organization. You have the freedom to use this use the bandwidth and connectivity as you choose. There are compromises you are making as you share the bandwidth as well as server. You compromise safety or youmay have to face slower load time. With the dedicated server in India, your Indian visitors can have better service. Your organization can expect higher output. What kind of improvements do you offer to your readers through this server is up to you.

Optimal use of bandwidth

With dedicated server hosting in India, you can use unlimited bandwidth and disc space. So, you control the amount and speed of the information being shared via your website. You are in position to offer better experience to your visitors by optimizing the use of this dedicated server. Yes, arguably, dedicated hosting is more expensive. So you will need to fine tune your business to recover the cost. But, if you offer this unlimited bandwidth to improve user experience and offer more value to the users, it is possible.   

Security protocols

Since you decide your own level of security on the website and you are free to maintain it at the any level, you have higher control over safety. This can be used to lower the risks and avoid the potential risks. You can install highly customizable firewall protection to protect your business and your clients. This is especially helpful to websites conducting online transactions of any kind as it improves the safety standards and allows you to create the security protocols as per the challenges faced by your website in the past.

So, smart organizations plan to shift to dedicated server along with an upgrade, which not only offers faster and better services but improves the user experience considerably.

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