Keeping the Passion Alive at 50+

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    Dec 11, 2012
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What happens as men age?

The major change is hormonal. Testosterone, the male hormone, begins to decline after the age of 30 at the rate of 1 percent a year. By the time men reach their mid-sixties, it is not uncommon to see a drop of 15 to 25 percent. Men in this age group may experience problems in performance one out of four times. This impacts health at several levels. Low testosterone is associated with a decline in muscle and bone mass, reduced energy, inability to perform in bed, and greater fat accumulation. Another factor that can cause testosterone levels to decline is medication you may be taking for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or other illnesses. In fact, any condition that affects your health may affect intimacy as well. Arthritis, chronic pain, stroke, surgery are a few conditions that seniors may find themselves having to cope with. These worries can make it difficult to enjoy intimacy with one another. 

What can you do to keep the flame alive?

Talk to one another! It helps to keep the lines of communication going. Partners who enjoy deep intimacy are usually partners who share open and honest communication with one another.

Pay attention to your partner’s needs. Many women feel they are unattractive because they are conscious of gray hair and wrinkles. Such feelings may keep them from having intimacy with their partners. Men may feel a loss of libido and therefore shy away from intimacy. Both partners should understand each other. Women need to feel they are still desirable and men may need more help in bed. Remember, changes in libido can affect both partners.

For men testosterone plays a vital role in libido performance.  Low testosterone could be the reason why senior men feel tired, experience loss of libido, energy and muscle strength. Try taking a natural testosterone booster like Ageless Male which contains Testofen (a standardized fenugreek seed extract). Testofen is a clinically-proven ingredient that may help to enhance the libido and drive. Ageless Male reviews have given it excellent ratings.

 Don’t live in the past!  Adapt and accommodate to the changes that your bodies go through as you age. You may not experience the kind of fiery passion of your youth. But there is a deeper level of intimacy that comes with age that can keep the embers of love glowing. And remember, you can use nutritional supplements to maintain a healthy libido well into the senior years of your life.

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