Why do athletes take testosterone supplements?

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    Jul 10, 2013
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Why do athletes take testosterone supplements? Photo by John Andrews

Testosterone is a hormone secreted by the human body that affects the development and growth of male reproductive organs and the increase or decrease in reproductive urges. Testosterone is also responsible for the growth of the beard, the depth of the voice and the development of the muscles in men. Despite its essential masculinity, testosterone is also found in women, just as estrogen is found in trace amounts in men.

Testosterone is a type of steroid, which, despite the stigma attached to the word, simply means a molecule comprising of four carbon rings. Many natural steroids can be found within the body, some of which you may have heard of, like estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, and even cholesterol!
What most people may not know is that testosterone is in fact a perfectly legal prescription medication that helps battle certain ailments.

Testosterone and Athletes
Athletes the world over have been known to increase their intake of testosterone through various means; creams, injections, patches and pills. This is done for a variety of reasons.
The primary reason for athletes to take testosterone supplements is to help build muscle mass quickly. Testosterone enhances the muscle development process and speeds it up considerably, giving professionals the kind of physique that would take years to build naturally, in a matter of months.
Testosterone also helps build the endurance of an athlete. The body’s muscles can take more strain than normal if testosterone supplements are taken. It further helps improve the distribution and burning of body fat, helping the athlete stay fitter than ever.

Testosterone is also used to help accelerate the healing process of injuries. It has been known to accelerate bone growth and density, hence is used to help heal muscular and bone injuries faster. Athletes take advantage of testosterones growth properties to stimulate the healing process and recover quicker than normal.

Picking the right supplement
Athletes aren’t the only ones who take testosterone supplements, men facing physical intimacy issues such as problems in performance; weak libido and even depression use these supplements to help alleviate their suffering.

Although, in this regard, choosing the correct testosterone supplement is a must. Too much testosterone in the body can be harmful as well. To this end, the experiences of others using testosterone supplements can come in handy, as they are good indicator of whether or not the supplement is effective and yet safe. For example, the Ageless Male supplement has received positive reviews from long-term users. The herb-based supplement contains ingredients such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6 and testofen which studies have indicated is a source for increasing the level of free testosterones in the body. According to the Ageless Male testimonials, the supplement is quite successful in building up testosterone levels and should be given a try. People who had previously been suffering from low testosterone levels have vouched for the positive effects of this supplement.

It is clear that testosterone supplements provide a range of benefits to its users, and is particularly popular among athletes looking to gain an edge on the competition, but choosing which supplement to use accurately is very important.

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Ageless Male supplementhas received positive reviews from long-term users. According to the Ageless Male testimonials, the supplement is quite successful in building up testosterone levels.

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