How To Cure Genital Warts

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    Oct 31, 2012
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Genital warts can be a very embarrasing subject and most of us will usually go to any length to avoid conversations of this kind with our doctors so we purchase all kinds of different over the counter medications in order to try and get rid of them unfortunately in most cases they will always require prescription medications to cure them.

For those who really can not face their own GP there is the option of the std clinics that will see to you and prescribe the relevant treatments in order to clear them up.
Genital warts are the second most common type of sexually transmitted deseases after chlamydia and can be avoided by practasing safe sex and wearing a condom.
The virus itself is not thought to be a serious risk to health but the unsightly appearance of the warts can cause psychlogical distress so how do you treat them in order to cure them?
Podophyllotoxin is a cream that is mostly used to treat clusters of warts it works by having a poisonous effect on the cells of the warts.
Treatment with podophyllotoxin is based on cycles the first cycle involves applying the medication twice a day for three days followed by a rest cycle where no treatment is given for four days and most people will usually require four or five treatments in order to cure them.
The second most common treatment is limiquimod which is a kind of cream recomended to treat the larger warts.
Limiquimod works by stimulating the immune system and is applied to the warts and then washed off after between six and ten hours the process should be applied three times a week and its worth remembering that it can take several weeks before you notice any improvement.
As with most forms of medication there are mild side effects associated with treatments these are flakiness of the skin, skin swelling, a burning or itching sensation when applying and headaches these will usually clear up within a few weeks of stopping the treatments.

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