An introduction to AIDS

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    Sep 05, 2012
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AIDS means human immunodeficiency syndrome which is caused by HIV that means human immunodeficiency virus.Firstly you should know a little introduction about these viruses.It is a member of retro virus group and is a slow virus.they can be clearly seen with an electron microscope.HIV is heat sensative virus and cant survive in open air.
AIDS is a disease which breaks the immune system making the human body lose its power to fight disease.The first AIDS patient was diagnosed in 1981 in the USA.The first AIDS patient in India was diagnosed in 1986 wo was infected by blood transfusion during coronary bypass surgery in the USA.The second case a hemophiliac was reported a month later.Since then nearly 5.134 million indian people are estimated to be living with HIV second only to south africa.National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) new delhi,identified around 111,608 people with AIDS up to july 2005,the nuber of people living with HIV infection continues to increase steadily.Now AIDS has become a major health problem in india with state like Maharashtra,Tamil nadu ,Karnataka,Andhra pradesh ,Mani pur and Nagaland being the most infected.Nine out of ten people in developing countries do know their HIV status.While the disease often feed on poverty and lack of knowledge,rich and high developed countries are not immune.

MODE of transmission of HIV
*sexual relationship with an HIV infected person (86 percent)
*sharing infected needle
*infected blood transfusion

some peoples are vulnerable to get HIV because of their profession or due to peer pressure.Many stay away from their family because of work and fall prey to temptation and become victim of HIV.These people are categorized as
*commercial sex worker
*people with multiple sex partner
*people travelling outstation for work
*migrant labour
*intravenous drug user
*common blood donor
*male homo sexuals
Beer bar girls,call girls

AIDS does not spread by cough and sneez,hand shake,hugging,touch,common use of bathroom toilet,insects and mosquito bites,sharing drink and food items

Symptoms and management of AIDS....I wil describe in my next article

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