Does Your Makeup Contain Harmful Ingredients?

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    Jul 31, 2012
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Did you know that many of the major cosmetic companies produce makeup products made with harmful ingredients that can harm your face? Many women in their daily lives use make-up. Most, in any case, use make-up during special occasions. Whether you fully do up your face every morning or you simply wear a bit of lipstick when attending holiday parties, it is important to use products that are safe for your skin. Learning how to weed out these potentially dangerous chemical products is important. Why do companies use dangerous products? Simply put, any business has a single overlying goal-to make money. Cosmetic ingredients that are harmful are often the cheapest alternative for the make-up that is being produced. Harmful ingredients also create a better-looking product in some cases. What they don't tell you is that after using that beautiful new shade of eye shadow, you could face skin problems. Fortunately, many companies realize that consumers are growing increasingly savvy about the products they buy, especially products used to make up or clean the face. Our facial skin is sensitive, so it is important to use the best products available. Whether you want inexpensive or high-end products, there are cosmetics, moisturizers, toners, and other things available for you that do not have harmful chemicals on their ingredient list. Some common harmful ingredients in makeup to watch for when purchasing items to be used on our faces include Methyl, Propyl, Butyl, and Ethyl. These are known toxins and cause allergic reactions in many people. These chemicals are extremely cheap, so are often used to kill any bacterial growth in your product. Many companies use them. Also be wary of Propylene Glycol and DMDM Hydrantoin. These products are used in anti-freeze! Products such as these have been linked to abnormal kidney and liver function and can actually cause permanent damage to your organs. As mentioned above, be especially careful of what you put on your lips as well. Most synthetic colors, like C Yellow 6, are dangerous for both your skin and your body, and when you put this chemical on your lips, you are essentially eating a poison. Once, this may not affect you, but after wearing the lipstick for a long period of time, you may start to feel the results. It's like smoking a cigarette every day! To be safe, simply ask your dermatologist or regular family doctor for recommendations about what kinds of products to use. Be sure that the makeup you choose does not contain harmful ingredients and that it is safe in order to keep your skin healthy - the healthier your skin is, the younger you will look and the happier your will feel.

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