Backpacking Survival Must Haves

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    Jul 13, 2012
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The cheap thrill from a backpacking adventure could really become one awesome experience. However, no one would like to encounter too unmanageable situations such as those of “Hostel”, that horrifying human trafficking movie, right? No, there’s remedy for stupidity and overly trusting habits such as those boys in the movie. But a little common sense and carrying the right gear and other backpacking "must haves" should be of really great help if you would like to avoid any extreme conditions. So here are the perfect backpacking ingredients:

1. Lightweight Sleeping Mat Maybe you’d say that it’s not your idea of a great adventure to take anything that resembles anything as cozy as your home. But after finding out just how many germs and bed bugs inhabit those local apartelles you’re planning to stay in, you will thank yourself so much for taking your own sleeping mat.

2. Portable Condiments It really is a money-saving technique to keep your extra packets of mustard, ketchups, chilli sauces and just about any condiment that fast food restaurants give when you order take out food or even when you dine-in. When you have not enough resources or when you forget to bring some of the ingredients that make your food more edible, these small packets of condiments can be handy. You don’t want shards of bottles cutting your skin or gooey ketchup messing up your other backpack stuff, right.

3. First comes first with a first aid kit. No one can be too brave going anywhere he or she is not familiar with without taking a first aid kit. Unless you’re a cyborg, you will have to bring gauze, iodine solution, milk of magnesia, antibiotics, antipyretics, and even mosquito repellent lotion.

4. Useful Get-ups Dress for success! That should be the motto of any corporate slave. But for you, yours should be “Dress to Survive”, don’t you think so? Comfy clothes that won’t restrict your movements are the norm. If you go trekking, sturdy but comfy boots can be your best friend. A bandana can be very versatile, too. It can prevent sweat from blurring your vision and can also be a part of your first aid kit.

5. Backpack gizmos. You’re not the king of the world. You will need a good compass and a reliable map. If you don’t how to use these, forget about your backpacking adventure. More backpacking "must-haves" such as a flashlight, a firestarter, and a Swiss knife are necessary too. But again, common sense should dictate to you what else you need to take. Stay safe!

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