Six creative ways to stop spam

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    Aug 28, 2012
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Spam emails are not only obscene and despicable but can also be odious to one's intelligence. These mails also contain bugs and spyware, which they introduce to your machine when you open them. This article gives a list of the common types of spam and how to stop them. Forms Of Spam And How To Stop Them

1. Dictionary spam

Email users can get a dictionary spam whilst using a well recognized email service. The spammers setup computers to spam as many names as possible by basically targeting all the names on the mail service. How to stop: The email service supplier should install defiant spam systems.

2. Harvested address form of spam. Spammer use computers to check all the websites available on the internet. They check on @ sign and the codes on each web page. This helps them in finding the email address by biting either side of @ sign to capture a person's email address.

How to stop: A person can prevent this by acquiring a new email address and ensuring that it's hidden or encrypted.

3. Virus spam This happens when another person's computer gets tainted with a bug. The address order contains the email addresses. This virus drives spam to all the addresses on the order. The spam states that it came from a different address from the address order and not the real senders e-mail.

How to stop: quality anti-virus is recommended to users with infected computers.

4. Domain name spam Spammers acquire these Domain names from the WHOIS database application. They presume that a majority of websites holders have a list generic email addresses such as mail@. Spammers basically send spam to all of the standard generic words.

How to stop: A person can stop this by simply avoiding generic email addresses and jamming all these names, leaving only the domain names.

5. Hacked e-mail service spam Spammers may hack webmail services or buy these addresses. It's important to read instructions while acquiring a new address. This ensures that you tick on the box that states they might give your address to a 3rd party to avoid hackers.

6. Hoax spam These are email messages that promise you a fortune or get rich quick schemes. Innocent people forward these kinds of mails, which further their rich. How to stop: Never respond or forward these types of messages.

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