The 7 Keys A Successful Network Marketing System "Must Have"

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    Oct 08, 2013
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The 7 Keys A Successful Network Marketing System "Must Have" Photo by Tim Morisma

It can be pretty challenging for network marketers to find successful network marketing systems on the Internet. Most network marketers who go online to build their business barely understands what it takes to build their business using Internet marketing skills. For the most part, most network marketers who come online go to social media sites like Facebook and start spamming their 'new best product in the world, join my business pitch'. And what they fail to realize is that the way to build a network marketing business online is no different then the traditional way offline.

For example, the traditional way offline most network marketers struggle because of the following:

- They ran out of friends and family to talk to
- They hate prospecting strangers
- They don't have any cash flow

Online most network marketers struggle because:

- They don't know how to generate traffic
- They don't know how to convert traffic in to leads and sales
- They try to learn Internet marketing without ever using a proven successful system
- They don't have any cash flow

Finding a successful Internet network marketing system is the key to finding success online. It is vital to your business because if you don't have the ability to sell something online by yourself, then you need a system that's going to do all the selling for you.

Let's take a look at what a Successful Network Marketing Systems must have:

1. Strategic Plan

Must have a proven strategic plan, which means having your vision and core values aligned with the company's vision and core values. Setting goals to achieve your vision, setting objectives on what you need to do to reach your goals and having a action plan to execute.

2. Simple System

You want to have a simple system that anyone can plug into that's easy to duplicate. Building a successful Internet business means having a simple system that someone new in your downline can pick up and duplicate.

3. Done For You Traffic System

I'm not talking about getting a list of leads to cold call people whom have no interest in your business offer, I'm talking about using a traffic system that's already done for you, that has quality targeted traffic who are willingly searching for what you have and plugging in to that simple system. A proven system that already done the testing of sales pages to insure that they work and convert, while you learn other traffic generating strategies.

4. List Building System

A list building system drives targeted traffic to a capture page and delivers overwhelming value. Having a list building system combined with a multichannel follow-up system that includes email, social media, mobile, direct mail and good old fashion phone communication will maximize your sales. Imagine having all of that done for you by professionals.

5. Offers That Work

You want to plug into a completely turn-key system that has High Value offers that people want to buy, that lead to high sales transactions that allows you to make way more money with much fewer sales.

6. Blogging system

Blogging has stood the test of time and is used by some of the most successful marketers online. A proven system has a blogging platform that allows you to blog about yourself, your company and its products and services.

7. Training and Support

Great systems also have training products to teach the Internet marketing skills needed to find success online.

It's impossible to succeed without help. You need training; tools and most importantly, you need support when you run into challenges or problems. How many times have you been "stuck" because you couldn't solve a problem?
Well, running an online business comes with a unique set of challenges and there are certain skills you need to succeed.

Every successful person I've met has mentors, has partners, and has team members who they can rely on to help them out with their weaknesses.

Now imagine having a whole community, who is on the same exact path as you, with leaders that are at the level of success you want to achieve and who are willing, and even anxious to help you succeed.

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