Tips For Using Twitter Effectively For Your Business

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    Dec 23, 2013
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Optimizing Your Twitter Account To Increase Your Business Revenue :

Here are some simple but effective tips which will help you find new customers for your business using twitter. 

Make A Proper Profile:

Fill your profile details accurately, as the characters are limited do not try to squeeze too much information in a single sentence, see that your profile is short and conveys what your business is used for, you must include your business website’s URL(if you have). Do not insert fancy photographs as your header or profile picture, just choose a theme that looks professional and insert your business logo as your profile picture.

Choose A Twitter Username:

This is where your brand image plays an important role choose a username that must be your company name or if your company name is chosen the try adding official after your company name this name appears next to all of your tweets. Your username expresses your brand on twitter.

Follow People That Matter:

There are many businesses that have been successful in the business where you are getting started right now, follow them and try to copy their style of tweeting and publicizing. Retweet their tweets (sometimes) and try to reply to their tweets (not always).

You Will Get Followers Once You Start Tweeting:

At first you might say that without followers why should I start tweeting, but the truth is once you start tweeting you will get followers, it’s simple because if a person wants to follow you he definitely checks a couple of tweets from the past and then he hits the follow button. Getting followers is not a one day process where you tweet and you get followers, what you need is real people so it takes some time for you to get recognized, do not get disappointed by having less followers concentrate on your work and tweet consistently.

Repeat Your Tweets:

Repeat most of your tweets again and again because not all of the followers are online everytime. It doesn’t means that you tweet every tweet again and again, just tweet important tweets again. Schedule your tweets with various software which help you to tweet at different time zones.


Trending In Twitter:

Have a look what’s trending in twitter and include those hashtags in your tweets.

Maintain Consistency:

Be consistent in your tweets and do not take long pauses between each tweet such as tweeting today and previous tweet was a month ago. 


So these are some of the tips which will help you to get some new customers via Twitter, for more visit my blog.


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