Opinionated Me: Tide Pods

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    Dec 30, 2013
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Opinionated Me: Tide Pods Photo by Christina Hansen

    Laundry detergent has gone through the rinse cycle for many years but nothing seems as inventive as the Pod.  They might not be the first company to release this new way to market laundry detergent, but Tide is the first one I've tried.  I must admit when I first bought this brand, I was skeptical about its cleaning ability as well as my ever favorite the scent.  As with my house, I need my clothes tosmell good along with looking clean.  This gives me the feeling of well-organized sanitary living and believe it or not it actually calms my nerves.  Could anything else feel so relaxing.  That being said, here are the pros and cons of what I've observed of Tide Pods.


It's convenient.  No measuring, no spills, just open the package and throw a pod of pre-measured liquid into the washer.  That's it.  It melts in your water both hot and cold.  In every pod that I've used it has quickly and efficiently dissolved into suds in a matter of seconds.  This means that an even amount is distributed to wash all your clothes.

One size fits all.  I've used the Tide Pod with success off one with both large and small loads.  Now while I'm not sure if this right, it is an easy way to save money.  I do suggest that if you have heavier soiled clothing in a large wash add an extra pod just be sure.  

It cuts down on waste.  If you have teenagers or the ever helpful child willing to do laundry then you know they most times do not want to take the time to measure out cupfuls of detergent to wash clothes.  With the Tide Pod, you just open for the bag for them and let them grab out whats needed.  If they grab a handful then you can step in but the chance of spills while trying to wrestle the wasted amount away is not likely.  

It can be used for other household cleaning.  Sometimes I like to use laundry detergent to mop floors or walls during spring cleaning.  I find the effect on grease and nicotine to be wonderful.  With the pod, you can simply dissolve it in a bucket of water, swish it up a little and you're ready to go.  Again there's no mess or fuss and the results are up to par.


The scent doesn't last as long as other detergents I've used.  While Tide does clean well and removes stains effectively, I've found that the scent is fleeting.  It leaves traces of it after its fresh washed but a day or so in the closet or dresser and that smell fades.  I have used others that continues its fragrance up until the time I wear the garment again.  Burying my nose in a fresh smelling towel after a shower or bath is heaven to me.  Tide just doesn't seem to last that long.

There aren't many suds.  Some people like to see lots and lots of suds while the laundry is going.  While I don't particularly mind because I favor the results, some people feel it makes a difference.  The suds are minimal and I've found that sometimes they've completely disappeared by the time I put in fabric softener.  Again this doesn't bother me because the cleaning results are the same.

So that's it.  The benefits seem to out weigh the bad and that coupled with the fact that Tide Pods are not more expensive than other brands seems to make it a truly clean bang for your bucks.

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