Opinionated Me: Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo and Conditioner

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    Sep 23, 2012
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What do I have in common with the Sahara desert?  Easy answer, my hair. Years of constant coloring, curling irons and blow dryers have turned my mane into a frizz ball so tempting that even my cats try to play with it.  I could be over exaggerating but then again I'm not really!  I stopped torturing my locks about ten years ago from the coloring deal and since then I've searched for a shampoo and conditioner to help tame my bushy strands.  I've tried several different kinds and most recently I dipped into a sample of Garnier's Fructis Fall Fight system.  Now I understand that only using a sample of this product is not enough to properly diagnose its full effects but from my one time try I came to the following deductions.

The first thing I noticed when I squeezed it out into my hand was the smooth silky feel of it.  Usually when a product like shampoo or conditoner feels soft on my hand, its bound to have a great abundance of moisturizers.  That is exactly what my hair needs.  The next thing I looked at was the lather.  With just a dime drop of the shampoo my hair lathered perfectly which is no easy feat because it's as thick as a millionaire's wallet.  I then used the conditioner and it felt the same.  I don't usually rinse out all the conditioner because I was given the hint at a young age that leaving some in would continue to soften hair.  So far, so good.  My hair felt soft and silky but it wasn't the real test.  I had to wait for my hair to dry to find out whether or not it would tame down the frizz.

A few hours later I looked in my bathroom mirror to judge my results.  My hair was still somewhat soft and there was no breakage.  The frizz was minimum but not so different from my normal shampoo and conditioner.  In fact, the thing I was most impressed with was how shiny my hair seemed to be.  It doesn't have an immense perfume smell like other similiar product rather having a light, comforting aroma.  

The Fall Fight system is a three step system designed to prevent breakage due to Autumn's damp, colder weather.  Along with the shampoo and conditioner it also has the Strand Saver Anti-breakage spray.  I did not try the latter but judging from the first two alone it may just do as it says.  Again, personally I didn't find it to be any better or worse than my normal shampoo/conditioner but if you're already a fan of Fructis, I would strongly recommend it.  Lather on!

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