Bark River Grasso Bolo III Review

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    Oct 18, 2013
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Bark River Grasso Bolo III Review Photo by Jacky Mitchell

Most people who think about Bark River knives are thinking at first at the Bravo-1 knife or the Magnum Fox River knife. But there are also other interesting products manufactured by this small company, one of which is the Grasso Bolo knife.

Basic Feature of the Grasoo Bolo Knives

The Grasso Bolo line from Bark River is comprised of a few distinct sizes. The smallest are only several inches, but there are also the larger models. The largest one is the Grasso Bolo III, having more than 17 inches. This knife weighs around twenty seven ounces, while its blade tickness is of 0.217 inches. Although the entire Grasso Bolo line is functional, the Grasso Bolo III knife is mostly a camp knife.

Most knives from Bark River are manufactured with small variations in the material of the handle or the grind of the blade. Most materials used in this type of knife seems highly textured, but looks so polished out that it can be noticed how smooth it is.

Grasso Bolo`s Sheath

Although its sheath is functional, it`s not that appealing. A knife that is so large is not so easy to draw or handle. Certain accommodations need to be made for the blade`s wide part, and also a straight pull may need a sheath which has a wide opening at its mouth. So its sheath is cut away so the user of the knife can put it out without too much troubles.

Its leatherwork is quite powerful. The sheath`s snap is so tight that the blade can`t move around. This knife is the ideal heavy hitter for multiple tasks. It`s somehow large for bushcraft use, but perfect for splitting wood or larger chopping. The Grasso Bolo III is good enough to use for any task that may require a small machete.

The Knife`s Balance

The knife`s balance make it feel somehow like a rather small axe than an actual knife, and it`s much better than a hatchet The weight of this knife means it`s easy enough to build up some serious chopping strength, while the convex grind will keep its blade from remaining stuck when splitting wood.

Overall Conclusion

Among the most important decision which comes with each knife from Bark River is about ownership. Will the knife own you, or you actually intend to own the knife? The knives manufactured by this brand are collectable. Some knife enthusiasts actually purchase them and stash them around somewhere. It`s a philosophy.

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