Evaluating an Electric Pedestrian Stacker Band

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    Jan 15, 2014
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Evaluating an Electric Pedestrian Stacker Band Photo by Malcolm Thaddeus

The contemporary business world has evolved a lot over the last few decades. With the advent of technological systems, there is more efficiency and this is what has led to globalization as companies seek to tap even more markets and resources. If you are in the logistics industry, you must have come across the innovative electric pedestrian stacker which is clear testimony of the immense input of technology in this field.

What is an Electric Stacker?

The conventional logistic world consists of a warehouse and lots of loads that need to be packed or transported from one section to another. Traditionally, the hydraulic hand pallet truck was the machine of choice in these operations but technology has brought in battery power to enhance efficiency, save time and money and make more use of space.

The electric pedestrian stacker is simply a battery powered machine that will not only help stack palletized loads but also transport them over short or medium distances. There is a battery which can vary in terms of voltage depending on the capacity of the machine. Most of these stackers have an on-board charger for easy charging.

If you check most of the reviews and testimonials about electric logistic machines including the forklift, you will find that speed is rated as one of the advantages of this system. The aspect of saving through use of less labor and more cost effective machines is another benefit of investing in an electric pedestrian stacker. This stacker has a compact chassis which translates to durability and low maintenance costs.

Which Brand do you buy?

Due to the utility value of electric stackers, many hi-tech manufacturers are making different models of the same. However, you should evaluate any brand manufacturer using these factors;

Experience in the industry; a company with a decade or more in manufacturer of warehouse logistic machines including pallet truck among others, is more suited to make good products. Experience in the industry will give such a brand a lot of expertise and you will benefit from this experience gained over the years.

Reputation; in the manufacturing industry, reputation is everything. To authenticate the reputation standing of a pallet or reach truck manufacturer, all you need to do is check online testimonials, reviews from industry website and also ask references from past clients. This will help you understand how trustworthy the brand is. You can check from any industry regulatory bodies in your country to get further information about the brand.

Range of products; a good electric pedestrian stacker manufacturer will also have experience in other logistic equipment such as the popular order picker, forklifts and pallet trucks among others. Such a wide range is not only enough evidence to show it is capable but also proves the company has enough technical expertise and resources to supply your business.

Distribution; the best electric pedestrian stacker company should have a global network of distribution that will ensure constant supply of any accessories of body parts that your stacker might require. As such, look for a globally recognized company that has an international reach to avoid disappointments on ordering.

Other factors to consider include awards and certifications such as safety or standard awards. A reputable manufacturer will of course possess ISO 9002 qualification or its equivalent. In essence, look for a supplier who is recognized in the industry as a market leader and who is ready to offer a favorable shipping policy.

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