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    Sep 11, 2012
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I never thought I would fall in love with an internet service and if it were human it would soon become my ball and chain! Netflix is the ultimate source online for movies without the threat of virus or malware! For the low price monthly at which you can rent or watch movies instantly its a huge bargain. I pay just fifteen dollars a month and get all the comedy, romance, and drama that I like without having to shell out a fortune. If you were to rent from say a video store or pay per view all the shows I've watched so far it would have added up to well in the hundreds. Wouldn't that be a smack in the head for most budgets?

While it has no major downfalls it has some minor ones such as some movies can't be watched instantly or the ones watched a lot online need to buffer for a few seconds. I say these are minor things because they really don't sneeze at all the good things available from this service. So you might have to wait a day or so for your next movie to be delivered or a couple of seconds for your online movie to buffer! In the long run you can still get more entertainment for the buck.

One of the things I find most fascinating about this service is that I have found movies no longer available on the mainstream market or some that may have been tucked away in a collector's attic. I even found DVD's put out by my favorite band, Europe which are hard to find in America. My point is that if a DVD was released at one point in time you can more than likely find it on Netflix.

Another thing that is so cool about the service is that you get to keep the DVDs for as long as you like without late fees. Try keeping one from a rental store for a month at a time and see what that does to your greenbacks! You may also watch any of the instant ones you've viewed over and over again. It was great for me to watch all of Showtime's "The Tudors" from front to last especially since I don't have Showtime on my cable! In keeping with this same course, even if you don't have some kind of television service, you can find most any kind of show such as AMC's "Hell on Wheels" or SyFy's "Haven"! They even have televisions shows long gone off the air such as "Xena: Warrior Princess" or the cancelled "Legend of the Seeker" available!

Not much is required to obtain a membership from Netflix. You simply have to have a credit or debit card to enjoy thousands of movies and television shows. Its a pretty low maintenance thing. Just go to their website, www.netflix.com and sign up. It's easy and right now you can enjoy a month free! I've never seen that done when it comes to renting DVD's before! You can choose what kind of service you want and then you start your free month. Afterwards it's only a matter of which choice you made as to what your monthly bill will be. You can even watch instant movies over a game system such as WI or Xbox 360 or perhaps even hook your computer up to your television and enjoy it that way!

All in all, Netflix offers many enjoyable options to watch your favorite movies and television shows. With the present economy it's a awesome value!

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