How to Redeem an eBay Gift Card

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    May 18, 2013
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How to Redeem an eBay Gift Card Photo by Jacky Mitchell

Gift cards are seen as a really fun way to make orders on eBay. If you have got an eBay gift card, you may use it as you would use your own cash or Paypal. To finalize the transaction when purchasing something on eBay using such a card, you need to be the owner of an eBay account as well as a Paypal account. The product`s seller needs also to list Paypal as a form of payment so you can be able to use your card.

1. Bid on a product and try to win it if you would like to buy it, or simply choose to use the “Buy Now” feature to buy the product. Try to check that the seller will have Paypal as a form of payment and that the product`s price is in Euros, Canadian currency or United States currency, depending on his location.

2. Make a click on the “Pay Now” tab so you can proceed to the checkout point. You need to pay for the product within ten business day from the moment you won the auction or choose to buy the item.

3. Select “Paypal” as a form of payment. The website will direct you to the official site of Paypal where you need to log in using your personal account to pay for the item.

4. Scroll all the way down on the “Check Payment Detail” web page until you will be able to see the section named “Redemption Codes.”

5. Include your redemption code on the card into the allotted section of the web page.

6. Make a click on the “Apply” button to add the card to your order, and then make a click on the “Update Total” so you may see if any extra funding may be needed to finalize your transaction.

7. Finalize the order as you would normally do. If you didn`t use the whole amount that was available on your card, the remained funds will be added to your Paypal personal account so you may use it the next time when you want to order something.

8. Your eBay card doesn`t have an expiration date, and you are able to offer it to anyone else if you don`t want to use it anymore. If you have used it and you still have funds available, you are unable to offer it to someone else because it`s now associated with both of your Paypal and eBay personal accounts.

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