10 Awesome Manicure Tips Every Girl Must Know

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Hands are one of the most attractive parts of body. Hands, because of their utility are most vulnerable to aging. It is very easy to determine the age of anyone from their hands. You can lose the skin texture and completion, nail shape and structure. It is very easy to make your hand look younger by taking care of your nails. Adore your nails with manicure and polish and your hand will look pretty and young. Everyone wants their hands to have lasting youthful look. It is very easy if you keep some important points in mind.

Tip # 1:  Always use the Crystal glass files

Although they look very tough, our nail structure is very delicate. If you use irregular and rough file it will damage your nail. It will peel off and crack. You will not be able to attain you desired length and shape. To achieve this use a crystal glass file whenever you can. It can be a little expensive, but it will give you the desired results without damaging the nails. It will give a clean clip free nails. It will make your nail edges smooth and reduce peeling off to the minimum.

Tip # 2:  Never file the sides

Filing the sides of the nails will make it weak. Use the filer on the nail tips only.

Tip # 3  ¼ is the perfect size

The perfect size for the nail is ¼ inch from your fingertip. It is the perfect size for youthful look. Your hands will look young and beautiful.

Tip # 4:  Never peel off skin

Never snip outside. The skin protects the nail. Peeling it off will affect the nail structure. It will make it weak and thin. Always remember don't peel off rather moisturize the skin. If you want to get rid of it, don't peel off just push back. Don't use shape edge to push skin. Make sure that it is mild.

Tip # 5:  Use base

Always use base(dark shades have better effects) before applying polish. This will prevent the nail from changing color to yellow. They will always be fresh and shimmery. The other benefit is that you will be able to remove dark nail polishes more easily.

Tip # 6:  Use lemons

If your nails are already yellow, use lemon daily. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. It will help you get natural nail color. Try to be regular about it.

Tip # 7:  Metallic polishes

Always try to use metallic nail polish. They are glossy and also enhance the beauty of your hand. It is mild in nature that why it does not affect the nail at all.

Tip # 8:  Three no's

Check the nail polish before buying. It should be free from DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. These three ingredients are harmful for the nails and should not be used at all.

Tip # 9:  Use quick dry thin top coats

Use quick dry and thin top coat to give a beautiful look to your hands. When you will do that you will notice that your nails look delicate and beautiful. It will help your nail polish to last long because of UV color saving filters.

Tip # 10:  Want to strengthen the nail?

If you want to strengthen the nails use vitamin B in your diet. It is recommended having the correct doze after consulting with your dietitian.

Another very effective remedy to give strength to your nails is applying garlic on your nails. You can rub it on the edge, sides and base of the nail.

Remember these tips in your manicure and you will love the change. Having youthful and beautiful hands forever is possible ; a little attention everyday to these small details is what will make you stand out for long.

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