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    Nov 22, 2012
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It is no secret that when it comes to fashion, the world caters more to women. As such, women have  more choices, but this doesn't mean that men cannot make the most of what is available to them. While, in the past men were considered to be pretty alright with what was available for them, today, things have become much  different. The world of men's fashion has changed and is definitely ready for a change and so are the men. Some years back men did not really bother looking into the mirror to fix every little detail before leaving the house; things have definitely turned around now.

Notable changes have been seen in men's general attitude towards fashion. They also want to dress nicely and look their best at all times. Even the world of fashion has realized these changes. Designers now cater to men as much as they do to women. Definite changes have been noticed with regards to men's attitudes towards fashion and this has led to new trends in men's fashion industry.

One piece of clothing that has undergone significant changes over the years is the formal shirt. These shirts are no longer boring, single colored, button down shirts that men would just slip-on under their coats. Formal shirts are now available in a range of styles and cuts. Collar lengths are not standard; different styles have different collars. One very popular design that has come up is the spread collar dress shirt. This shirt has a broader and bigger collar than usual and comes without button-down collar points.

Popularity of floral prints is another important, slightly surprising trend that changes in men’s fashion have led to. Traditionally, floral prints were exclusively reserved for women's clothes and accessories, but recent years have brought these to shirts, shorts, t-shirts, etc., designed for men as well. When they were introduced, floral prints received a lukewarm response but with prominent celebrities sporting the trend, it has become quite a fashion rage and one of the significant men's fashion changes that show that the designers are no longer afraid to experiment.

Changes have also been noted with regards to the colors used in clothes and accessories for men. These are no longer restricted to the standard black, white, blue or grey, or shades of these regular colors. Designers are now experimenting with colors and even using hues that were traditionally reserved for women's fashion. It is not surprising to find a pink or purple t-shirt or shirt for men, or a pair of shorts that have a floral pattern. Socks, ties, shoes, gloves, etc., each accessory and piece of clothing is available in bright colors and bold, interesting and even intricate patterns.

With everything else changing, there is absolutely no way that suits would resist the challenge. These are no longer a restraining outfit meant only to be worn during formal meetings. Designers have changed suits for men and made them more fun and simple. In fact, some suits can be categorized as being 'almost' casual. This means that they can be worn to work, a boy's night out, an informal date, or just about anywhere. Experiments with colors and patterns have turned suits into a fun outfit rather than the previously considered an uncomfortable and formal outfit that could only be worn when absolutely necessary.

Changes in men's fashion is not limited to the different clothes, patterns, colors and accessories, there have been notable changes in styling as well. In addition, men have changed in the way they themselves shop for fashion.

Men's fashion changes have been slow, but have been pretty definite. Women's fashion changes every season and these changes are very stark but with men's fashion, the changes are slight but sure. If you consider the changes that have happened over the past, say, 50 or so years, these are radical but if you look at the past 10-15 years, you wouldn't be able to see a very stark difference. This, however, does not mean that there have been no changes. Men's fashion has evolved and will continue to evolve. With the coming of new-age designers, the possibilities are endless. Men's fashion is never boring and over the coming years, we might just be able to see something very drastic and completely different from what we're used to.

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