Reasons to Build Muscle

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    Nov 15, 2012
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Building muscle is a good way to keep in shape if you do it the right way.  If you work out 3-4 times a week then you will be on the right track to a great body.  Working out every day could be harmful to your body especially if you are taking steroids or a body building supplement.  Building muscle does improve your health and body.  Building muscle also increases your body mass and helps you keep your body fit.  There are many programs to follow and workout routines but some of them can be dangerous. 

A few good programs out there are a bow-flex machine, the supplements recommended by your doctor, and just good ole weight training by a professional.  Most people just follow a program led by a professional trainer by reading a manual or watching a film by the trainer.  There are six requirements that you should keep in mind while building muscle.  The first one is a Progressive Overload which means you need to give your body a reason to build muscle mass.  The second thing is a Caloric Surplus which means you need to have enough calories to support the energy that you will need while working out.  The third thing is a quality weight training program that will benefit your health and is safe.  The fourth would be a sufficient overall diet that would let you obtain the right foods to help you succeed in your training program.  Also it is very important to have rest and recovery that is why most trainers will want you to work out 3-4 times a week to give your body a rest.  The last thing is some type of tracking plan so you can see your results. 

Working out will have great benefits to your health if you follow directions from your personnel trainer or a weight program that is legitimate or recommended by your doctor.  Just remember to take it slow and build up to your potential.  

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