Are Cosmetics Made In China Safe?

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    Nov 22, 2012
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There has recently been a national recall of certain products made in China. This issue has raised many eyebrows and has some people understandably concerned. The issue takes a more serious tone when you consider how many cosmetics are made in China. Many companies have established their manufacturing companies in China for several reasons, the most important being the availability of cheap labor. Always remember that business owners are primarily motivated by the bottom line. It is widely believed that a lot of manufacturing companies established in China have instructed their employees to ignore certain health risks altogether. Because of this recent health hazard, many companies have re-routed their goods through Taiwan to avoid the 'made in china' sign. However, is it fair to assume that all products are unsafe.

In a recent poll fifty-five percent of Americans said they would not consider buying a product manufactured in China. This survey was conducted shortly after the discovery diethylene glycol in a toothpaste made in China. Diethylene glycol is a compound usually found in anti freeze. The toothpaste was believed to be a Colgate product , but was later proven to be a counterfeit. On more than one occasion, Chinese made products have caused global outrage. These concerns for safety and quality control has led to several large scale recalls. Everything from toothpaste to infant formula has been adulterated and manipulated by black market profiteers. China's counterfeiting market has ingratiated their products with legitimate products to the tune of $200 billion as late as 2005! This fact makes   recent findings seem inevitable and obvious. Growing international pressure has prompted the Chinese government to announce promises of immediate action. However, a survey recently conducted by Harris Interactive showed that only thirty percent of consumers believed this to be true. Evidence shows that dangerous and illegal products made in china is growing at a rapid pace. This presents a significant challenge to Chinese regulators trying to remedy this problem. The source of this black market agency has to found in order to truly stop this problem.

Are cosmetics made in China safe? There are a lot of products that are legitimately made in China as well. This presents a significant challenge to the common consumer who simply wants to buy and go. Unfortunately, the recent events has made that a bad and dangerous idea. It is highly suggested that you properly evaluate any cosmetic product that you purchase. But, how would you know if a dangerous compound is in your cosmetics? The only way to find out is usually when someone gets sick, which sometimes leads to death. Juxtapose that to the fact that just last year the United States imported forty percent of their goods from China-$246 billion worth. That type of money can cause even the most careful and loyalest of eyes to look away. Lately, the majority of Chinese manufactured products have been either recalled or refused by U.S inspectors. The U.S has instituted several policies directly aimed at solving this issue. That truth may comfort some, but for those that it does not it would be wise to avoid 'made in china' products altogether. Due to the fact that a product's contamination is not visible to the naked eye, one must truly consider the options and importance of the product. Choice always is the ultimate key to the questions that life presents us with.

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