Fanny Packs - Reborn

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    May 11, 2013
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Bloomy purse
Bloomy purse
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Until a few months back, people used to believe that there is absolutely no excuse to wear a fanny pack in today’s modern age. No matter how difficult it was for women to hold their babies and carry clutches at the same time, there was just no way, a woman wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a fanny pack. However, this perception changed with the New York Fashion Week for spring 2013, where models were seen flaunting the new trendy look of fanny packs.

The NYFW spring 2013 did a time travel and breathed life into the fading trend of fanny packs. It came as a shock to most of the crowd when they saw the association of big names like Rachel Zoe and DKNY with fanny packs. The designer fanny packs are now the talk of the town, making it to every magazine. It is expected that the waist packs will be seen on the racks very soon. While DKNY changed the fanny packs look by introducing new materials, Rachel Zoe transformed them into looking like waist wallets, giving them a very chic look.

The rebirth of waist packs required endorsements from the big names of the industry. In 2011, Dolce & Gabbana made efforts to bring back this trend but failed because of lack of support from fellow designers and the people. People are readily accepting the fanny pack trend, as Dolce and Gabbana helped change their mindset of waist bags not being the ‘It’ bag. The idea behind fanny packs is to allow women to feel carefree and to enjoy themselves without holding on to any weight. Fanny packs are part of the ‘effortless glamour’ campaign, which was also very evident in Zoe’s collection for the season.

The designer fanny packs support the idea of hands free bags and allow women to carry out more tasks without worrying about their purses. Rachel Zoe, being the mother of a child, states that fanny packs are comfortable and ‘since they are hand free, I am able to hold my son all the time and also have my belongings with me all the time.’ This trend signifies the combination of comfort and style. Along with DKNY and Rachel Zoe giving a makeover to the waist packs, they were also successful in making a statement of effortless beauty.

The idea is to make fanny packs the trendiest accessory of the season. For waist packs to become widely accepted, it is important to give it a new feel, which is why designers kept an extra eye for detail. The designer fanny packs are making a mark by reducing the hassle for women. They are now able to feel free and enjoy a night out without worrying about where they left their purse. Fanny pack is not restricted to creating a glamorous look, but is also an important accessory for hiking, running and other sports.

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Designer fanny pack of different styles and colors are now available on the racks of different shops to ensure that you have the right product for your personality. The fanny packs are making a wave and gaining popularity according to the taste of the people.

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