Which Handmade Soaps are the Best for Oily Skin?

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    Jul 13, 2013
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Which Handmade Soaps are the Best for Oily Skin? Photo by Mary Ferguson

If you are suffering from oily skin and do not know how to get rid of the surplus oil covering your skin then make use of the right handmade soaps. But then, the question comes up: what kind of handmade soap is best for you? The answer is very simple: make use of those natural handmade soaps that are specially formulated with oily skin in mind. Handmade soaps instilled with rich natural extracts make useful natural soaps for oily skin.

Natural soaps for oily skin also contain valuable organic herbs, essential oils, natural antibacterial agents such as tea tree oil, lemon oil and mint extracts to thoroughly cleanse the skin and unblock pores. The best thing about these handmade soaps is that nothing used in their making is artificial so they won't harm your skin in any way.

Hand-made soaps not only remove surplus oil but also closed skin pores. Their natural ingredients effectively cleanse the skin and reduce the appearance of acne.  Their pure composition gives them anti-bacterial properties which are the reason why natural soaps for oily skin work miracles. These hand-made soaps help reduce infections and even dandruff.

There is a wide array of handmade soaps that are good for oily skin in our range.  These natural soaps for oily skin help get rid of excessive skin oil, sebum, dirt and bacteria. They nourish the skin, making it glow with health and freshness. The best part is that our natural soaps for oily skin will not take away all the essential oil with each wash ensuring that your skin doesn't feel over dry and irritated.

Green clay soap will definitely rescue your skin from unwanted sebum. Such soaps are often enriched with olive oil, cocoa oil, castor oil and many other refreshing ingredients. Using this natural soap will lead to an oil free skin and will give the skin an overall soft natural glow.
Hand-made soap including marigold (calendula) extract is another great natural soap that can help prevent irritation or allergies while doing its job at the same time! This handmade soap is infused with marigold which makes it an excellent cleanser; using this soap makes the skin look fresh and younger than before.

The absence of synthetic chemicals and the presence of abundant natural oils and herbs make natural soaps perfect for treating oily skin. The unique natural products within these handmade soaps allow them to not only treat but also heal oily skin.

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Take a good care of your sensitive skin by using only handmade soap. Try a bar of really delicate natural soap.

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