Revolutionize Your Hair With Hair Extensions

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Looking at the numerous hair transformations and styles over the centuries, it can be said that one does not simply get enough of hair styles. The mane of hair in the human body is one of the most distinctive features we are fortunate to have. Since hair can have a huge impact on one’s personality and style, the art of hair styling extends in a wide range. Let it be wavy, curly, locks or mere straight stands, people never really get tired of styling it. Within the last few decades, many hair styling options such as curling, straightening, coloring and so on were introduced. But it happens that these artificial products damage your hair sometimes beyond repair making many people to hesitate giving a new look to their hair. As a solution to this problem hair extensions were introduced.

There are several different hair extensions one can go for varying with their need and the nature of their hair. Clip on Hair extensions are the most used kind in the present. This can be done easily at home without the help of a hair dresser. This works well with the extensions those are much similar to the actual hair color. Then there is bonding and sealing hair extensions which last longer with a better finishing. A small amount of hair glue is needed for this. If you need to cover a bold spot of to look completely natural, the Fusion method which actually place hair strand by strand gives an elegant finish when you are done.

There are two types of hair used in hair extensions. First is synthetic hair which is created by a chemical process. If you feel allergic or do not like synthetic hair, there are extensions with true hair as well. However true hair strands tend to lose looks and the feel with the time while artificial ones do not. These come in a good range of colors as well. Majority of the people who use hair extensions have gone to it to get the feeling of their favorite color hair without too much trouble.

Just the way it is about natural hair, these extensions have their own textures and feels. Silky straight hair is the most popular one, curls comes a close second. After that there are European, African American and deep and luscious waves. With hair extensions, the limit one can go when doing a hair style is literally limitless. You can select from just about any color and any color state.

Finally, these extensions should be handled with care in order to preserve them for long. It is advisable not to go for very harsh shampoos or too hot water on extensions. They have to be combed, stroked and well kept to bring out the best in them. Normally it is able to treat hair extensions just as the same you treat your real hair but if you protect it with care, the looks and the feel will stay even longer than the real hair.

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