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    Sep 06, 2012
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Do you believe in destiny? Well, I do. Many people said that there's no such thing as "destiny". That we are the ones who will make our own destiny. That, it is our choice that matters and everything happen according to what we choose to do in life. But have you ever wonder, why there are things that we can't get no matter how much we try to reach it? Or there are things that we can't hold on forever no matter how much we take good care and keep those things with us? There are things that we once had and owned but still it slip away, gone or we loose them. Have you ever ask yourself why it happened? Well, for me, it has something that link with the DESTINY. 

I do believe that everyone in this world have their own destination. From the time that we were born, everything was already planned. Everything will happen according to what is written in our destiny. It includes our ways of living, decision making, troubles, failures, the people that surround us, wether friends or enemies, our burdens and our success. Some people said that they're lucky because everything that they plan is doing well and they're about to reach their success. That's why they thought that it has nothing to do with the destiny. It is  how you do your best to reach your goal. But have they ever know when are they going to fail? And if ever they failed, even though they are doing their best, and somebody will tell them, "YOU FAILED BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT DOING YOUR BEST", can they accept it, knowing the efforts that they spent and the best that they did to succeed? Isn't it painful to take the blame, knowing all the efforts and dedications that you give just to attain your goal? But when you are almost there and you're about to hold your success, you learned that you can't have it. That you failed. And you've got nothing to do to change it. Think about it. Isn't it worth believing that destiny played its part to everyone's life? And that nobody can even control it if where it will leads you to. Well, I think destiny got its reason for everything that happen in our life. We are all destined to be what we are according to what is really destined for us. Not because of what we WANT to be who and what we are. 

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