Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

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    Dec 14, 2012
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Growth and maturation of sex organs, deepening of voice, increase in muscle strength, reduction in abdominal fat, and energy metabolism are just some of the functions this hormone carries out. What happens when men are faced with low levels of testosterone in their blood? Knowing the signs of testosterone deficiency will help you overcome them quickly and effectively.

Signs of Low Testosterone

  • Energy levels reduce drastically when testosterone levels fall. Constant fatigue and an overwhelming sense of lethargy can be attributed to this hormonal deficiency.
  • Low testosterone can reduce the muscle mass and lead to exhaustion and increase in body weight. This weight gain is most noticeable around the midsection.
  • Some men may experience impotence as a symptom of low testosterone. Diminished sex drive and a low sperm count can also be brought on by dwindling testosterone levels.
  • It can also cause shrinking of testicles and they may feel softer to touch.
  • Testosterone plays an important role in maintaining bone density. If it falls below normal, men may experience brittle bones and experience height loss, putting them at higher risk of osteoporosis.
  • Testosterone deficiency can cause gynecomastia, a condition which is characterized by enlargement of breast tissue in men.
  • Mood swings and irritability can also be blamed on declining T levels. Feeling less optimistic and depressed most of the time are signs of low testosterone. Some men also experience memory loss and lose the ability to concentrate on day-to-day tasks.

Waning testosterone is also considered a risk factor for coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. But there's good news. Testosterone deficiency can be managed through simple dietary and lifestyle modifications. Men suffering from low testosterone signs can get a simple blood test done to ascertain the levels and then take measures to get them back on track. Eat a diet that's rich in healthy fats and zinc, exercise, and keep stress away. Another option is to use Ageless Male, a supplement that safely elevates testosterone levels and gets it within the acceptable range. Its primary ingredient is fenugreek seed extract, a natural testosterone booster. Hundreds of men use this product and have reported a positive outcome, as Ageless Male supplement reviews indicate.

So if you're facing low testosterone signs, visit your doctor or get a blood test done, and take steps to improve your lifestyle. It'll not only help to increase your stamina, libido, and muscle strength, but optimum testosterone levels will protect you from serious medical conditions including heart disease in the long run.

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