Increasing Sperm Count Naturally, the Common-sense Way

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    Jul 24, 2013
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Increasing Sperm Count Naturally, the Common-sense Way Photo by John Dugan

Sperm count can be affected by numerous lifestyle and environmental factors, and it is not unusual for men to see a decrease in sperm count even in their twenties and thirties. For couples who are trying to conceive, this can be a devastating problem that can lead to relationship trouble. However, in many cases, low sperm count can be remedied by some simple changes in dietary and exercise habits, as well as attention to appropriate penis health care.

Some important steps to raise sperm count naturally are described here.

Stop Smoking
Smoking is bad for everyone and can affect many aspects of health in general. Among these, smoking is a known deterrent to healthy sperm. Smoking cigarettes decreases sperm count, as well as reducing the motility of existing sperm and shortening their lifespan. On an even more serious note, tobacco products can cause genetic changes genetic changes in sperm that could affect the resulting offspring.

Eat Sperm-Friendly Foods
Diet and nutrition play and important role in ensuring a high-quality sperm count, as well as promoting healthy erectile function. Some foods that should form part of a healthy, sperm-friendly diet include the following:

- Oysters. Studies by Barry University in Miami found that oysters contain amino acids which produce testosterone in males. In addition, their high levels of zinc are believed to increase erectile function, as well as sex drive, lending some truth to the idea that oysters work as aphrodisiacs.

- Asparagus. This vegetable has a high vitamin C content that protects sperm from oxidative damage, boosts your amount of sperm and improves its motility. On the down side, asparagus is known for the unpleasant smell it lends to urine and seminal fluid, so some men may prefer to avoid asparagus if there is a possibility that sex may become part of the evening’s plans.

- Walnuts. These little nutrient powerhouses are high in omega-3 fatty acids that can boost a man’s sperm count, as well as promoting improved blood flow to the penis and supporting overall cardiovascular function.

- Pumpkin seeds. Raw or roasted pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols (plant hormones) that improve the body’s production of testosterone. It’s best to roast pumpkin seeds at home, though, because packaged pumpkin seeds often contain preservatives and other food additives that are counter-indicated for sexual function and may increase the risk of cancer.

Exercise Regularly
The American Society of Reproductive Medicine claims that regular exercise, in conjunction with a healthy diet, helps to improve fertility. This claim is supported by another study that was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine which reported that men who engaged in fifteen or more hours of moderate to vigorous exercise every week displayed sperm counts that were 73 per cent higher when compared to men who exercised for less than five hours a week.

Get Your Vitamins
Nutrients such as vitamin c, vitamin A, vitamin E and zinc should all be included in a healthy diet or taken as supplements. These vitamins help to lower the amount of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that is found in the semen. ROS are molecules that can be very disruptive and damaging to cellular function. In fact, these molecules play a role in as much as 40 per cent of male factor infertility. The right nutrients are needed to counter the effects of ROS and help to develop and maintain the quality of sperm, as well as prevent it from clumping.

Penis health care
While the condition of the penis itself does not directly affect sperm count, caring for the male organ can help to ensure that it is healthy and ready for action in order to deliver the sperm.

Some steps that men can take to keep the penis healthy include (1) washing regularly to reduce the number of harmful bacterial which may lead to infection; (2) wearing loose-fitting, breathable undergarments which allow for healthy circulation in the penis and groin area; (3) moisturizing the penis and promoting healthy, supple skin using a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may be help to ensure that the male organ is ready for action and able to enjoy the process.

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