Understanding the Penis - What is Ejaculate Made Of, and Why Does it Matter?

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    Dec 08, 2013
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Understanding the Penis - What is Ejaculate Made Of, and Why Does it Matter? Photo by John Dugan

When people think of the gooey stuff that comes at the end of a roll in the sheets, they often think of the wrigglers that can get a girl pregnant. While it's true that at least some portion of ejaculate is made of sperm, this specialized liquid also contains a variety of other elements that a man may not even know about, and examining the quality and condition of that stuff on a regular basis could give a man important clues about the state of his penis health.

Other Exciting Ingredients

Experts suggest that only a small portion of ejaculate is made up of sperm. In fact, only about 1 percent of the total volume of the liquid contains those seeds. The rest contains:

  • Fructose
  • Vitamins
  • Citric acid
  • Enzymes
  • Fat cells

Some of these ingredients are designed to nourish hungry sperm cells. They have a long journey to complete, with few opportunities to grab a snack, so this supplementation is vital. Without it, some cells might die before they reach their destination.

Other ingredients are designed to smooth the path sperm cells take as they exit the body. These ingredients smooth roughened, course tissues and allow cells to glide right by without losing steam of any sort.

Production Pathways

While most men know that sperm begin their lives deep within the tissues that make up the testicles, few know that some portions of ejaculate are made by a very different part of the male anatomy. For example, the prostate gland, located deep inside of a man's body, produces some of the elements that come shooting out during a moment of bliss.

It's not really clear which part of the ejaculate comes from which part of the body, as all of the mixing takes place long before the bulk of the fluid is expelled from the penis. But the way the stuff looks, feels or even tastes could be a good indication of the overall health of a man's most private parts.

Volume and Consistency Concerns

No matter how much a guy might brag, a total load of more than about a teaspoon is unusual. Some men shoot about half that amount. But, men who commonly produced a large amount and then suddenly experience a lower volume might be dealing with a blockage of some sort. A dip in fluid production like this might merit a visit to the doctor.

Similarly, a change in the way the fluid looks could be an indication of some disruption in a man's system. Clumps, lumps and bumps in bits that were once smooth and milky also merit a trip to the doctor's office.

Color and Smell Changes

Since ejaculate takes a trip through sensitive plumbing on its way out of the body, it has the opportunity to pick up random additives, and these extra ingredients can change the way the fluid looks for smells.

Men who have reddish-colored semen, for example, might be experiencing some sort of bleeding either inside their testicles or in the penis. Also, men who have infections may notice that their fluids look yellow or even green, rather than white or clear. Infections might also be signaled by juice that smells unpleasant or unusual. Any of these symptoms should merit a trip to the doctor.

Prevention Tips

Keeping the penis healthy might be just one way to ensure that a man's juice is pleasant and profitable. Wrapping up the sausage in a jock strap before doing sports is one way to ensure that injuries don't take place, and wearing barrier protection with new partners can help to block nasty infections before they begin.

A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may also be an excellent investment. These products help to soften and soothe penile skin, so germs have fewer places to stick and grow, and the vitamin punch of each application can keep nerve cells and blood vessels healthy. Regular use can keep a man lollipop worthy for years to come.

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