Embarrassing Sex Mistakes Did That Really Just Happen?

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    Apr 12, 2014
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Embarrassing Sex Mistakes Did That Really Just Happen? Photo by John Dugan

When it comes to sexual escapades, any man who has a long history of sexual activity is sure to have a blemish or two (or 10) on his otherwise impressive record. He may have had high hopes for moves that fell flat; and those embarrassing body quirks, farts, burps, and even injuries can also plague a man for years to come. Whatever the culprit, no man wants his lady to leave the bedroom laughing over what just transpired. See what men report as the 5 most embarrassing bedroom boo-boos and how to maintain a healthy penis to (hopefully) avoid these situations in the future.

5 Embarrassing Bedroom Blunders

1) Can’t Get it up: Perhaps the most embarrassing - and frustrating - situation for a man is when he just can’t get it up. This is especially true if there is no known reason for it. Sure, the old saying it happens to all guys is true, but that offers little comfort for the man sitting on the edge of the bed trying to coax up a woody. Being overtired, overstressed, or over-served - both in the food and adult beverage departments - can make for a sluggish and slow erection. Men hoping to get lucky may be wise to catch a nap, avoid the booze and not eat foods that will make them feel sluggish. Men who repeatedly experience erectile dysfunction need to speak to a doctor, as there could be other serious health issues contributing to the problem.

2) Excessive sweating: Sure, everybody sweats in the sack a little bit; that’s why it’s called getting down and dirty. However, for the man who is soaking the sheets - and giving his partner an unwanted sweat bath in the process - he may be suffering from a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating. If this wet situation sounds familiar, talk to a doc to see what treatments are available.

3) Can’t get it down: While this may not sound like a problem to most, a man who has just gone a round or two with his lady friend and continues to rise to the occasion may find the situation a little embarrassing. While it may be laughable for a while, men who experience an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours need to seek immediate medical attention.

4) Finishing too fast: There are times when a quickie is on the agenda, and there are times where a "longie" is preferred. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation on a regular basis - around 1/3 of men -- are sure to be frustrated by finishing too soon. Men who are repeatedly climaxing within two minutes should seek a doctor for treatment options.

5) Body hair issues: Men are hairy. This is no surprise to anybody, but some men suffer from an excess of body hair that can at times make sex awkward, itchy or uncomfortable for their partner. On the flip side, there are men who groom themselves down to little more than bare skin, which occasionally leaves unsightly razor bumps, wax rash, or uneven grooming. Nothing is worse for a man than a bunch of red, itchy bumps around his manhood.

Avoiding embarrassing penis problems

While some things are out of a man’s control, there are certainly some health choices he can make to keep the penis healthy. Getting plenty of exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol, not smoking, and making regular trips to the doctor can help prevent the most common kinds of sexual dysfunction. Many problems having to do with the penis are related to heart and circulation health, so keeping the heart healthy is extremely important. Additionally, using a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing targeted vitamins and minerals can help improve circulation, soothe skin irritation and even prevent unsightly penis bumps. Applying a lotion like this immediately after taking a shower can allow men to enjoy the benefits of a healthier penis.

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