Penis Health Dos and Donts TLC for the Penis

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    Jan 28, 2013
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Surprisingly, given the important role played by the penis in a man’s life, few men are focused on giving it the care and attention it needs to stay healthy, supple, and responsive. But the penis is subject to plenty of harsh treatment, and neglecting adequate care can result in a number of unpleasant issues. Keeping the penis healthy requires a little more effort than an occasional shower and use of a condom – the following list of do’s and don’ts provide some tips for proper penis care.  

DO: Keep it clean. Washing every day with a mild, all-natural cleanser can help to rinse away dead skin cells and body oils that have accumulated. Since these materials tend to attract bacteria, men who do not pay enough attention to personal hygiene are at greater risk for infection, not to mention unpleasant odors that can be enough to put an end to a potential encounter.  

DON’T: Forget the lube.  Dry masturbation can stress the delicate penile skin and cause microscopic tears in the skin’s surface. This can lead to soreness, itching, and dry, flaking skin and increases the risk for skin infections. Soaps, body lotions and shampoo are not the answer here, as these products often contain fragrances and other chemicals that tend to dry the skin and can cause problems such as contact dermatitis.  

DO: Pay attention to changes in penis condition. In a sense, the penis serves as a barometer of a man’s overall physical condition. A supple, clear-skinned, responsive penis is a good indication that all is well. On the other hand, frequent skin problems such as yeast infection may indicate an autoimmune disorder like type 2 diabetes, while erectile problems may be a sign of an underlying cardiovascular problem.   

DON’T: Attempt to self-diagnose penis problems. Deciding that a rash which has recently cropped up or an unusual series of bumps on the penis skin is “nothing” and will probably go away is rarely a good idea. For many men, talking to their doctor about penis health is embarrassing, but medical professionals have seen it all before and are ready to help. Catching potential problems in the early stages is essential to effective treatment, so getting professional help for penis problems is strongly urged.  

DO: Use common sense when it comes to selecting a partner. While there is something to be said for spontaneity, a one-night stand can lead to a lifetime of unpleasant consequences. The girl at the end of the bar may be dressed to kill and broadcasting that she is available, but the momentary excitement is unlikely to be worth it when it results in years of expensive medical treatments, as well as the embarrassment of having to explain a contagious condition to the next potential partner.   Before heading out for a good time, guys should make sure they are well-equipped for any occasion, and set personal rules and parameters ahead of time. Asking a friend to be the voice of reason when it comes to pairing off may also help to prevent long-term, life-altering consequences.  

DON’T: Rely on a partner’s say-so when it comes to protection against disease. For men in a committed relationship, trust is essential. However, in a heated moment between strangers, there is no need to rely on the other person’s say-so when it comes to avoiding disease. Whether out of embarrassment or carelessness, not everyone is willing to ‘fess up to a contagious condition. Instead of taking a chance, men should always keep a condom handy; if the other party is reluctant, it’s best to call things off and move on.  

DO: Use a high-quality penis nutrient formula. Like the rest of the body, the penis needs proper nutrition in order to function at its best. Applying a penis vitamin cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help to ensure that the area has an ongoing supply of skin-rejuvenating, disease-fighting and sensation-enhancing nutrients to keep it looking and feeling healthy and sexy. To boost the absorption and moisturizing power of a penis health cream, the product should be applied daily, following a shower, when the skin is most receptive.  

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