The Penis Care Routine of a Pro

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    Sep 08, 2014
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The Penis Care Routine of a Pro Photo by John Dugan

Most guys learn about penis care from their parents. They find out how to keep things clean, they learn when they should see a doctor for a problem and they figure out how to use protective sports gear to keep tissues safe when they're on the court or field.

All of this is good information, to be sure, but it doesn't really help men to understand what they'll need to do in order to keep penile tissues looking and feeling their best. The information men get from parents might not help them to understand what they should be doing for their intimate cells on a daily basis in order to keep them in tip-top shape.

That's why it's such a pleasure to find a guy who is willing to speak up about what he does to keep his tool working well. This man, whom we’ll call Joseph, has some quality advice for every man who hopes to keep things down below as healthy as possible for a longer period of time.

Proper Grooming is Key

"When I was a younger guy, I sort of let everything go wild down there, if you know what I mean," Joseph says. "I never trimmed up any hair, I didn't wash all that often and I only changed underwear when I started to get a whiff of something funky when I unzipped."

"After I dealt with an infection or two, and I lived through a few embarrassing conversations with girlfriends, I decided to change things around," he says. "I would advise all guys to do the same. Keeping things clean and tidy can really make a big difference for overall health."

Joseph recommends that men invest in good grooming tools, such as:

- Sharp scissors

- Electric razors

- Soft towels

- Unscented, mild soap

"That soap can help keep the general area clean, but it shouldn't touch the penis," Joseph warns. "Plain warm water is best for the little guy. And those soft towels are a must, as rougher fabrics can damage the skin."

"When the skin is clean and dry, that's a great time to do a little shaping down there," Joseph says. "I try to keep the hair from creeping out to my legs, and the razor helps with that, but I use the scissors to keep the overall size of the bush down."

That grooming step is vital, Joseph says, as it makes washing easier. "Plus, hair can trap fluids and smells, so cutting it away helps prevent nastiness," he says.

Water Plays a Role

"In addition to grooming properly, I also do my part to make sure my penis has the necessary nutrition to stay healthy," Joseph says. "That means I drink a lot of water. I always have a bottle of water within my reach, so I can grab a sip while I'm out running around. And I always drink water with meals."

"Many of my friends drink alcohol, like beer or wine, on a daily basis, but I don't," he says. "Those substances can really dry things out, and sometimes, they can damage the heart, which can force the little man to work just a little harder for blood flow. That's why I stick with pure water. It doesn't cause that kind of damage, and it has no calories. That's a bonus!"

Nutrients: A Must

In addition to drinking water daily, Joseph also uses a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. That's a good idea. Quality products contain the right mix of vitamins and minerals that sensitive skin cells need in order to grow and thrive, and the soothing emollients included can keep skin feeling smooth, soft and sensitive. It's the perfect mix for health-conscious men like Joseph. And it might be the right mix for all men.

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